Who has Bend’s best chili?

The topic of chili came up at work today (why not? It’s perfect chili weather), and it was mentioned that Pilot Butte Drive-in has good chili and cornbread on their menu. Which naturally got me to wondering, what restaurant in Bend has the best chili?

For that matter, what restaurants have chili regularly on their menu? Besides Pilot Butte, I see that Black Bear Diner has chili on their lunch menu (along with a chili burger). A quick search online also reveals:

Who else in town is serving up chili? I want to hear about them, and I want to know who’s the best. Sound off in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Who has Bend’s best chili?

  1. I like chili too… but usually make it at home. Mom’s recipe is the best, but a can of good ol’ Nalley is pretty satisfying too!

  2. By far the best chili in town can be found at the very humble Soupcon Cart in downtown Bend. Chef Steven serves a Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili with pickled onions & cilantro crema on Wednesdays, at his location just outside of The Blacksmith adjacent to Greenwood. The chili is so delicious. I’ve counted on it almost every Wednesday since the cart opened in September. The vending scene is on the rise in Bend (it’s kicking butt in cities around the country including Portland), and there’s nothing to be fearful of–except for maybe some extra spending money in your wallet from the bucks you just saved on lunch.

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