I keep seeing updates on Twitter but it finally sunk in that BendFilm is just around the corner—as in, two days around the corner. (Maybe because it’s been less hyped this year?)

From the 8th through the 11th (Thursday through Sunday), this independent film festival grips Bend with a ton of feature length and short films, documentaries and special events that will leave any movie buff satisfied. (Or so I understand.) Movies will be showing at the Tower Theatre, McMenamins Old St. Francis School, two "Regal" screens (at the Old Mill), and the Sisters Movie House.

Of course, the parties are what it’s all about. Should make for an interesting few days.

4 thoughts on “BendFilm

  1. I am such an avid follower of the BendFilm festival, can’t wait till it all kicks off tomorrow. I’d love to go one day, and to the parties, but sadly I live a bit too far away. Maybe it could be holiiday one day. Bring on independent film!

  2. Everyone go see "Brian" – an inspirational documentary about a man battling cancer for 15 years and using cycling as his therapy. Brian lost his battle in 2007, he was born in Bend and lived in Portland. It’s playing at the Old Mill on Friday and McMenamins on Saturday. Tickets are $9 online.

  3. You can win free tickets to movies at this year’s festival by watching KOHD Daybreak each morning this week!

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