Bend Streetview in Google Maps is just a few days old

Looks like there’s been a very recent Streetview update for Bend in Google Maps—and I mean very recent, as in within the past week or two at most. Previously they only had the blue "Streetview routes" (in blue) on Highways 97 and 20. Take a look now:

Google Streetview of Bend, Oregon

And when you look at the Streetview pictures, it’s obvious they were taken in the Fall—leaves on the trees are turned and the weather looks like, well, like it has been lately. And, you can view the schedule on the Tower Theatre’s sign to see October events highlighted—notably BendFilm. So it’s fairly obvious the Google Car has been through Bend and that Google does fast updates to their system.

Two questions: is the Google Car still driving around Bend, getting Streetview pictures? And, did anyone see it?

Update: Apparently I’m wrong and these images are from last year; the anonymous comment below and over on Jake’s post point out the correct dates and better research. Still, it’s nice to see more coverage coming to Central Oregon and hopefully there will be more updates soon.

3 thoughts on “Bend Streetview in Google Maps is just a few days old

  1. They aren’t as fast as you think…

    The Comedy show on 10/23 was last year because the Warren Miller ski film is playing this year on the 23rd… The rest of the line up doesn’t jive either other than Bendfilm on Oct. 9-11th.

    Over at CTC Witness for the Prosecution is playing which isn’t this year either..

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  2. I love Google Street View ! I just love to google the name of my college or places I used to walk by everyday and see what has changed.
    Unfortunately it is not very developped in Germany (where I’m living now) ie there’s no Street View of the capital city available !

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