Press Release: BMC to expand Redmond services

Bend Memorial Clinic (BMC) will be relocating their existing Redmond services currently located at 1541 NE Canal Blvd to a new expanded location projected to open in March 2010. The new building is located at 865 SW Veterans Way approximately four blocks west of Highway 97 near Fred Meyer in Redmond.

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“We expect Redmond to lead the area in economic recovery. The community has proven its forward thinking and not willing to let the economy dictate it’s future,” said BMC CEO Marvin J. Lein. “It has invested in its downtown, regional travel, affordable housing and opportunities for good jobs with plenty of industrial and technology-oriented capacity. We are very proud to also invest in its future.”

BMC will add new services to the location and those will include a primary care core of Family Medicine and Urgent Care, supported by imaging services such as CT, X-ray and ultrasound and laboratory in-house. BMC specialty services including Cardiology and Allergy will also be added.

“Our current BMC Redmond services will move to the new location. Those services are Nephrology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Optometry/Optical and Pulmonology,” stated Randal Avolio, Chief Operating Officer.

Staffing will likely include a mix of existing Redmond-based employees who will prefer to work closer to home and newly hired employees. Some employees will transfer from the existing Redmond facility, others from BMC Eastside or Westside Clinics.

“We already serve many Redmond area residents. This new location with service expansion means we’ll be able to bring our commitment to providing “TotalCare” closer to patients who may find traveling to Bend an inconvenience,” noted BMC CEO Marvin J. Lein. “TotalCare is about convenient care, too.”

“BMC’s expansion of medical specialties such as Cardiology and Allergy in Redmond will be more convenient to residents who would have to otherwise traveled into Bend for those services,” said Eric Sande, president of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a win for the Redmond residents.”

For more information about services to Redmond, please contact 541.382.2811.