Dick’s is now open

We noticed this weekend that Dick’s Sporting Goods is now open up on the north side of Bend. That’s the business that took over the old Joe’s (née GI Joe’s) space in the Cascade Village shopping center (between Food 4 Less and Ross).

Personally I’d never heard of Dick’s prior to them coming to town, but they’ve got a huge presence nationwide, and at least the Joe’s space didn’t sit vacant for long. Is anyone excited about the opening?

2 thoughts on “Dick’s is now open

  1. Excited or not… seems like a nice store. We took a peek while the kids were trick-or-treating at Cascade Village. RHPB was really impressed with their golf section. They have a LOT of athletic apparel and it seemed reasonably priced (compared to Big 5, and department stores). And that was just the front quarter of the store – we only had a minute or two. It also looks like they have a nice selection of outdoor & camping gear basics but we didn’t make it to that section.

    It seems a lot lighter and brighter than before – nice, wide aisles and doesn’t seem so jam packed. Staff was really friendly. And I’m just glad it isn’t another big retail "hole" like Gottschalk’s or the old Wal-Mart in Redmond. Kudos to Dick’s for going into an existing space instead of building from scratch.

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