So… a holiday shopping guide?

First full week of December is down and I’m thinking about the ol’ Holiday Shopping Guide series of posts. Actually, there were two different ones: the Shopping Guide for places to shop back in 2006, and the Gift Guide for specific local products back in 2007.

(Last year I did a "12 days of Christmas" countdown.)

So if I do a 2009 all-in-one shopping/gift guide, what does everyone want to see? Perhaps I’ll scroll through the old posts of 2009 and look for likely things, as well as rehashing the previous guides.

If you have something in mind, or something you want to sell, let me know either with a comment on this post or via the contact form. Or heck, use Facebook or Twitter too.

3 thoughts on “So… a holiday shopping guide?

  1. Hey, low cost and thoughtful means soupcon gift certificates. Wooden spoon attached with your gift of soup(s) that is sure to keep your wallet and heart full.

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