Holiday Shopping 2009: Books

Christmas is fast approaching (less than two weeks away!) and for any last-minute shopping you need to do, herewith are some suggestions. Organized by category, all as local as possible, with some specific suggestions and some general. Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments.

If you’re just browsing, there are a number of local new and used bookstores you should visit (in alphabetical order):

Between the Covers: 645 NW Delaware (the corner of Delaware and Bond), 541-385-4766. Open Monday through Saturday, 10 to 6.

The Bookmark: 228 NE Greenwood, 541-617-9271. Open 10 to 5:30, I think 7 days a week (at least Monday through Saturday).

Camalli Book Company: 1288 SW Simpson, Suite C, 541-323-6134. Open Monday through Saturday 10 to 6, Sunday 12 to 4.

Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe: 135 NW Minnesota, 541-749-2010.

The Open Book: 155 NE Greenwood, 541-388-3249. Open Monday through Saturday 10 to 6.

Pegasus Books: 105 NW Minnesota, 541-388-4588. Open Monday through Saturday 11 to 6, Sunday 12 to 4.

Of course, there are specific book recommendations as well (some from user submissions, some are my own picks):

All Around Bend: Though the first printing has sold out, this newest (locally-published) guidebook to Bend looks to be accepting (pre?)orders for the new edition.

Living Local Coupon Book: Featuring 150 coupons from local businesses, including Alpenglow Cafe, Bellatazza, the Deschutes Historical Museum, Pine Mountain Sports, and many more. It’s $20 and coupons are good through November 2010.

Haven Home Style in downtown Bend features a variety of "Interior Design and Specialty Books" available for purchase. If you’re looking for books on architecture, interior design, or lifestyle you might give them a look.

Bend, Overall: Great guidebook released five years ago, by Scott Cook. (Read my review.) (Yes, a couple of these are links—despite my admonition to buy local. Sometimes those are the best-available links and I’m using my affiliate code. Click as you wish.)

Frontier Doctor: Love this book, it’s the early history of Bend and the town’s first doctor, Urling Coe. Fun read, a must for local history buffs.

Bend (Images of America): You can get this at the Deschutes Historical Museum, a 100-year pictorial history of Bend.

Meet Me in the Badlands: Exploring Central Oregon with Jim Witty: A collection of some of the best of the late Jim Witty’s great travel adventures around Central Oregon. Proceeds from sales go to the Jim Witty Memorial Fund. Also found at the Deschutes Historical Museum, and some of the outdoor sports stores like Pine Mountain Sports.

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  1. Thanks for including the Living Local Community Coupon Book and link. We might just run out of these great books, there are so many places selling them. I mean, 30% off at Birkenstock? Buy one get one free at CHOW, La Rosa, Pizza Mondo, etc… Such a great community builder! We love Hack bend!

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