Holiday Shopping 2009: Pets

Christmas is fast approaching (less than two weeks away!) and for any last-minute shopping you need to do, herewith are some suggestions. Organized by category, all as local as possible, with some specific suggestions and some general. Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments.

RuffWear: Bend is a dog town, so naturally there evolved a company like RuffWear: they produce gear for "dogs on the go", from boots to coats to packs to beds and quite a bit more. They even helpfully have a Holiday Gift Ideas section on their website, organized by price.

The folks from RuffWear wrote in to say, "Our products are available either through our website, or at Healthy Paws in Northwest crossing, Pandora’s Backpack downtown, or at both locations of Bend Pet Express."

Contact/info: order directly from their website or visit one of the afore-mentioned stores in person.

Bend Pet Express: Bend’s locally-owned pet superstore, with locations on both the west and east sides of town. Pet food, toys, accessories, treats, and even a grooming service, Bend Pet Express has everything you should need. You can shop online, and they’ll even deliver!

Right now you can buy personalized ornaments, and like RuffWear are running some other Holiday Gift Ideas on their website’s front page. Even better, they are running wishlists for local non-profits: things you can buy and donate to organizations that help animals.

East side: 420 NE Windy Knolls, 541-385-5298. Open 7 days a week, 9 to 6.

West side: 133 SW Century Drive, 541-89-4620. Same days/hours.