Near/Far is back for the third year

The Bulletin’s Ben Salmon has brought back Near/Far for the third year now: the compilation of free music representing the best music of 2009.

36 free, legal, downloadable MP3s covering the best music of 2009.

There are 18 from local bands like Moon Mountain Ramblers, Person People, Eric Tollefson, Erin Cole-Baker and more, and 18 from national acts like The Avett Brothers, Brendan Benson, Animal Collective, Felt, and Japandroids.

It all comes with nifty artwork in two .zip files.

I’ve said it before: this is one of the most progressive, open things the Bulletin does during the year. Of course, it’s Salmon’s hard work that makes this happen, but kudos to the Bulletin for being willing to support the endeavor.

One thought on “Near/Far is back for the third year

  1. Kudos to The Bulletin, indeed, for supporting this. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point your readers to last Friday’s GO! Magazine, which features a seven-page review of the year in music and the visual fruits of a couple of our talented designers’ very hard and detail-oriented labor. It looks sweet!

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