Holiday Shopping 2009: Stuff I missed

Yes, there are only two real shopping days until Christmas left, and I realize there are more things in town to shop for than pets, books, toys and games, and food and drink. Here’s a general roundup of more shopping options that I missed. (And I’m pretty sure I’ll miss more, too.)

The Brew Shop: Homebrewing supplies for beer makers, and an excellent bottle shop for beer seekers. 2524 NE Division, 541-323-2318.

Local Joe: Downtown’s locally-owned clothing store that’s been around forever. 929 NW Wall, 541-385-7137.

Hot Box Betty: Women’s boutique clothing. 903 NW Wall, 541-383-0050.

Bambini of Bend: Kids clothing, toys, and gear. 1052 NW Newport, Suite 102, 541-385-1806.

Folks from Desperado wrote in earlier with: "Desperado in the Old Mill carries some fun leather pillows by designer Patricia Wolf." The Old Mill, 541-749-9980.

Goody’s: Can’t believe I missed them the first time around. Handmade chocolates and candies, including sugar-free treats. 957 NW Wall, 541-389-5185, and 2680 NE Hwy. 20, 541-388-6965.

Ranch Records: Best local music store in town. 831 NW Wall, 541-389-6116.

Skjersaa’s: They’ve really been around forever (since 1958). Ski and snowboard shop. 130 SW Century Drive, 541-382-2154‎.

Pine Mountain Sports: Outdoor sports and gear shop of all kinds. 255 SW Century Drive, 541-385-8080.