Bend Blog Predictions

No, these blog predictions aren’t mine, but that’s okay ’cause they’re better. From acloudtree: Top 5 Bend blog predictions for 2010:

Jon Abernathy surprisingly rues the day “The Brew Site” was able to supply him with an all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverage buffet. In a drunken haze some time during June and while trying to sober up, he will access his HackBend blog over an unencrypted wireless network at one of the many coffee shops around Bend. The packet containing his username and password will be garnished by a 15 year old taking a break from an eighteen hour WoW marathon. The teen will then proceed to hack “HackBend” leaving the message “You’ve been h@x0r’d!!! All your base are belong to us!” on the index page of HackBend’s site. Oh the irony!

That’s pure awesome.

Hat tip to Jake for finding that before I did.