New chef at Lola’s in the Breezeway

A fan of Lola’s in the Breezeway (the restaurant that filled in the space that the Downtowner vacated) writes in to say:

Did you hear that the Chef from Soupcon has stepped into the Exec Chef shoes at Lola’s In the Breezeway? He’s brought his soups (from his little vending cart location), and has changed the Lola’s menu to include…drumroll…Jerk Pork Pressed Cubans, House-made Pastrami on Rye, and even a Doggie Style Pastrami Dog. This, and lots more, like house made sausage plates, a house made meatloaf that rivals The Blacksmith, and comfort foods like Mac ‘N Cheese.

Lola’s In the Breezeway
New hours:
Monday 11am-4pm
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-Close

Not sure when "Close" happens on Tuesdays through Saturdays but a Doggie Style Pastrami Dog sounds pretty good.

2 thoughts on “New chef at Lola’s in the Breezeway

  1. From what I understand, best to come in during lunch 11am-4pm. Jon, Doggie Style Pastrami Dog is off the hook @ lunch! I’ve had it twice since the new chef stepped in– best new addition to Bend’s lunch options. If they’d do breakfast, my gf’d be so happy — we have a hard time finding something cheaper than Vic and higher quality than Corey’s. I say, bring it L0la’s, bring on breakfast.

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