Kohl’s is opening this week to much fanfare—actually, they opened yesterday, but their Grand Opening celebration is this Wednesday, the 3rd, according to the Bulletin. (According to the Kohl’s website, the Bend Grand Opening is the 24th.)

This is one of those places, like Olive Garden, that a lot of people are excited about; certainly the construction over the past few months behind the Bend River Promenade (right next to the Parkway) has been highly visible and kept it fresh in people’s minds.

But I can’t help but think about Gottschalks all over again; and we all saw how that turned out. (The Bulletin mentions this too, and points out that Kohl’s has actually been profitable during this recession.)

What do you all think? Excited, or blasé?

If you go, Kohl’s hours are 8am to 10pm Monday through Saturday, and 9 to 9 Sunday.

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