Easter egg hunts

Easter’s just around the corner, and that means Easter egg hunts for kids is going to be the big activity this weekend. There are a number of community hunts available for the kids, and fortunately someone has rounded a bunch of them up (saving me the trouble!): my friend Martha has a post on her blog listing them.

There are eight events listed so far; if you know of others, leave a comment over there or shoot me an email, and I will.

2 thoughts on “Easter egg hunts

  1. Jon, if you are looking for items, Mt. Bachelor is having several things going on this weekend, including 100" party tomorrow, April 1st (for real:).

    The Truck Stop Skatepark (indoor) is having a big contest for kids/adults of all ages on Saturday and it should be fun to watch if you are into skating.

  2. A bit late, and I hope all the Easter Hunts went well – but saw the post and remembered how my mom used to put an Easter Egg hunt on for us every year..as well as the eggs that the dogs didnt eat, we´d each get a scrap of paper and we had to find a present matching that paper. Your post just made me think how important traditions are, I hope all the kids got their eggs before the animals did!

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