WebCyclery Movie Night, 4/20

Once a month or so WebCyclery hosts a movie night at the McMenamins theater, usually themed (I think) around bicycling (of course). This month’s Movie Night is next Tuesday, April 20th, and features the movie "Asiemut":

WebCyclery and Co-Motion Cycles bring you Asiemut, a film about traveling far beyond what you perceive your limits are on a bicycle.

Asiemut is the video diary of a French Canadian couple, Mélanie & Olivier, that choose to have an adventure. Ultimately they pedal their mountain bikes 8000km through Asia and discover more than they had imagined about themselves, their world, and the people they meet along the way.

Asiemut will have you thinking about that journey that has always eluded you, and let you experience the true emotional range that one goes thru when undertaking a trip that, at times, seems like something far more difficult than expected. Their journey takes them from Mongolia to Kolkata, at the mouth of the Ganges in India, passing through Xinjiang, the Taklamakan desert, and thru Tibet & Nepal.

WebCyclery Movie Night at McMenamins is a fund raiser for Central Oregon Trail Alliance (cotamtb.com), it is mostly an excuse to get together with a theater full of like-minded cyclists to watch kick-ass bicycle movies, drink a beer, raise some money for local trails, and maybe win a cool door prize from Co-Motion Cycles and WebCyclery.

It starts at 9pm, and only costs $5. (21 and over only.)