“Jason Evers” and the OLCC’s mess

So, with “Jason Evers” sitting in a jail in Idaho, accused of stealing the identity of a three-year old murder victim who died almost three decades ago (the Bulletin has a good summary) and up on federal charges, it certainly begs the question: what’s the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) going to do about this?

So far, it doesn’t seem like much of anything.

What I wonder is, how many tickets and fines were issued in “Evers” name that local businesses were required to comply with and pay off? Is the OLCC prepared to pay every single one of these back and overturn the violations since they were (apparently) issued fraudulently? Seems to me that’s the minimum that should happen.

The OLCC’s going to be in hot water over this (to say the least). What do you all think?

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  1. What about damages for lost profits – and especially lost wages for workers? If I remember correctly at least one place was temporarily closed because of “violations”.

    I’d like to hear *something* from the OLCC – they should respond to this issue. It’s easy to hold them responsible for knowing he was living under an assumed identity, but I’m not sure how they’d know. If he provided proper ID and social security info, what more are they actually required to do? Was he required to pass a background check, like a law enforcement officer? (And if not, should it be required of OLCC employees?)

  2. It is amazing to me that an organization that routinely conducts background checks failed so miserably to conduct a background check!

    If my business received a fine from “Evers” you could definitely expect a lawsuit. I hope Astro Lounge, Corey’s and the Loft of Bend are currently putting together a class action lawsuit against the OLCC.

  3. If the citations were issued for appropriate reasons, and are in accordance with how OLCC normally operates, i don’t see how one could argue that it’s now invalid.

    Now, i understand that a lot of his citations were not appropriate, then those can be contested on the merit of the citation, not because he was using a false identity.

    But i really don’t see how his false identity would invalidate an otherwise appropriate citation.

  4. I support the frustration of businesses and individuals who feel “wronged” in this situation. I’ve known Jason for over a year and a half…I thought I knew him. What I believe to be true is that he believed in the intent of the laws he was working to enforce. He was passionate and perhaps acted with youthful enthusiasm at times. He cares about the State of Oregon and the people in his life. Right or wrong…he has my support.

  5. Jen, my understanding is that OLCC employees do undergo a full background check. I don’t think the OLCC knew he was living under a stolen identity, but that’s what they need to address… IMHO.

    Troy, what if this were a person employed as a police officer? Shouldn’t any arrests/citations made in that case be reviewed at the very least? I think that’s the same standard that should be applied here. If he committed a crime and was employed under false pretenses, then anything he did in the OLCC’s name is and should be suspect.

  6. SO who is this guy? Someone in a witness protection program? a former mobster from Gotti’s henchmen? Who is he and what is this all about. Very intriguing to say the least.

    Would love to see his mug shot.

  7. I would think everything he has said and done under an alis is corrupted and should be marked null and void. That issue is a no brainer.

    The big thing is..WHO IS THIS GUY………

    Perhaps a man who faked his death and collected on an Multi Million dollar insurance policy?

    A Mobster?

    A wanted criminal?

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. I hope his friend comes back here and posts more about his “friend”. “Right or wrong…he has my support.”

    Is he gay?

    Somewhere out there a family believes their loved one is dead when all along he has been living in Oregon.

  8. friend in shock , Do you know if he went out of town on April 30? Did he take a lot of out of town 1-2 day trips?

  9. Well, the stories say he got the birth certificate to get a social security card in 1996. That’s 6 years before the OLCC, and, even more intriguing, when he, or at least the real Jason, would have been 17. That opens up the possibilities even more, in my opinion. Was he a runaway hiding from his parents, or getting a fake ID to work, or, yes, was it something far more sinister? During those teenage years, many folks don’t have anything near a logical or reasonable reason for doing what they do. But not always…
    I want to know so much more about this story. Intrigue in little ol’ Bend.

    And, on the other subject of him with OLCC: The stuff in the papers say that he was suspected of being arbitrary and discriminatory. What a euphemism! He was a liar. I don’t care what he believed he was doing for his community, he was found to be lying in the cases where the business owners not only refuted his story, but had VIDEO to prove that he lied. And these were not the only times. He trumped up his charges more times than this. I may be a bit more sympathetic (but not too much) to him and OLCC if he was strictly and consistently applying the laws, but he was making up stories of accounts that never happened. In my book, that’s horrid abuse of power and perjury. Why was he still promoted to regional manager, with the OLCC knowing full well he was misrepresenting the truth?

  10. @Curious: Mr Evers or WhateverIsHisRealName was relocated to Nyssa, Oregon, which borders Idaho. The very center Nyssa is about seven blocks from Idaho. And Parma, Idaho is the nearest town — closer than Ontario, OR. So he could have just been in Idaho going to Walmart or Safeway after work or even lived in Idaho.
    I want to know more about these pieces of the story! More Info, please!

  11. Bea, I found some perplexing stuff on him and it has been turned over to the authorities for their perusal.

    Like you, I can’t wait for the rest of the story.

  12. Hey folks – here is a pop quiz for you…

    Which of the following statements have any of you drunks – the OLCC and Jason Evers haters out there – ever heard before?





    The vocal minority in the town of Bend – that created the “controversy” about the OLCC are just a bunch of irresponsible business owners who could care less about public safety. They, with the help of a greedy money grubbing lawyer who wants them to keep paying him for wagging his lying tongue, have been trying to block active law enforcement of the liquor laws in Bend for quite some time now. And they have had the most excellent and favorable news coverage that money and associations can buy in Bend. So don’t expect any actual news reports from the Bend Bulletin or KZTV-21. You can forget about those two as legitimate sources of news – their brand of coverage is more along the lines of “entertainment” as opposed to “information” in the spectrum of “Infotainment”.

    I wonder how many of these people would come forward and take responsibility for their actions if someone’s loved one ends up being hit by a drunk driver? Perhaps someone who committed a crime or got into an accident after being served in one of their places of business? Of course then they would all just turn around and point their fingers at the OLCC and say “You guys were not doing your jobs – this is your fault!”. Of course this is exactly what will happen if they get their way. No lawful enforcement of clearly established laws, no more rules or norms and no serving the public good. Their attitude is “Public safety – that’s someone elses tough luck”.

    Ok, here is another pop quiz for you, are you ready for it?




    I suspect about 99% are more inclined to answer B.) than A.) A.) would take a little more time than just repeating what you heard someone else say. You know – sort of like a Parrot. Would any of you Polly’s out there like a cracker? If you need a copy of the DOJ report you can find it online – just like I did.

    The Jason Evers that I know – first as a fellow chess enthusiast and then as a good friend – would give a total stranger the shirt right off of his back if they needed. Is Jason guilty of Identity fraud? Time will tell and it will tell all. But the Jason Evers that I have known for eight years is a good person – someone who actually does care about his community – both in his conduct as a citizen and in his conduct as an officer of the law – unlike a certain lawyer in Bend. Even if you never did get that side of the story from the local media outlets.

    Were the Bars and restaurants that were fined in the wrong? YOU BET! Were all of the cases that Evers ever involved with overturned? NOPE! Most of those charges stuck – and rightfully so. In fact I know one licensee who was fined and said that Jason Evers conducted himself in a highly professional manner all throughout the process and that they did deserve the fine. You never hear about those cases in the biased media of Bend Oregon though. Will I ever go and spend money at any of those places of business that fight so hard against standards and laws that protect the public good? NEVER! When a certain female politician – who has been very vocal upon this matter – is up for re-election will I vote for her? NO WAY – she is a drunk herself so no wonder she hates the OLCC! Just check out here act if you ever happen to be around her when she is at her favorite bar. If I can move back and vote in an election – I will help vote her out of office. I mean if she doesn’t care about the safety of the ENTIRE BEND COMMUNITY – why should any of us support her? So she can keep going to bars to get drunk? No, I don’t think so.

    Before any of you folks convict Jason Evers – let us all wait until all of the facts have been heard. You may have to actually pay attention to this case and go for news outside of your normal local and biased news media outlets. But you will be able to follow this story – it has gotten very big and is getting more and more attention. I don’t hold with “Trial by biased Media” and I know that the person that I met eight years ago is truly a all around great guy who is fair in his dealings with everyone. And I have gotten to know Bend in my time that I did live there so I do know what I am talking about here. I know the difference between right and wrong and I realize too that there are a lot of shades of gray in this life – especially for people when they are young and inexperienced in the world. 17 year olds will do a lot of foolish things and we do not yet know the real reasons for why “Jason Evers” did what he did – if indeed he did actually do anything at all. Is he in a witness protection program? Is he a runaway? Did he want a new start in life – like a lot of people who have moved across this country do? What are the facts of this case? Let us all wait for those answers and then judge for ourselves. Look into your heart before you fill the air waves with more distortion – even if only to repeat what others have said. Let us not be influenced by the few OLCC haters in Bend who value dollars more than common sense. OR for that matter the common good.

    Thank for your time and thank you for having read this extremely long response.
    Make it a great day – today and every day of your life!
    Sean Tobin – Once and presently a friend of “Jason Evers”.

  13. @Sean, Thanks for that reality check. Yes, the news outlets in Bend certainly do have more of an entertainment bias. I know of many people’s reputations that were grossly misrepresented by both the leading print and television media here. I do take them with a grain of salt.
    Anything that I stated regarding “Jason Evers” (I hate to use quotes, but that is necessary in the current situation) had to do with my own knowledge of him. I am glad to hear that he has friends like you that will give us the other side of his character not depicted in the news stories. Sadly, my experiences of him differ greatly and do, in fact, coincide with many of the news reports. I am not a drunk, but do know many of the employees at Coreys, and have been there many weekend nights since 2001. From the moment “JE” came on the scene, there was a change in atmosphere there. Perhaps there were a couple times when he was upholding the law, but when he made some false reports and he was pushed back, he appeared to target the bar more and more. In the cases that were fought and overturned there was video to prove that he made blatantly false reports, resulting in high fines for the owner and employees “involved” in the situation that did not exist. What about the bars that did not have video. If he lied in at least two incidences, do you really believe that he did not lie other times? Now, before you start saying I’m against alcohol control, let me say that, yes, there were times when folks were a little over the legal limit there. Many of those times, however, the people had come in from wandering through the maze of downtown bars. I saw a crackerjack staff there who would stop serving people and also get them out of the bar if they were visibly intoxicated. I knew good bouncers who were very persuasive. I wish that cops would spend far more time pursuing drivers in the downtown area when suspecting DUI’s. I’ve seen many people stumbling to their vehicles, both beater cars and luxury cars and rarely have I seen a cop follow through on busting them. I’ve seen staff at several bars downtown call cabs for people.

    All I can believe about “JE” is that he is a man who wanted to protect people from the ill social effects of alcohol; I can’t believe he is an all around great guy who was always fair in his dealings. I applaud him for his desire to prevent the damage of alcohol. However, he had a “get the ‘bad guys’ at any cost” mentality that was not appropriate in his position. He was caught lying to levy fines against businesses. This is not me parroting news stories, this is knowledge I have. That is not acceptable moral behavior for someone in law enforcement. I understand the public’s outrage, then, when other people say he was unfair. I would think if he’s been caught lying twice, how can we then know the times when he is or is not telling the truth. In an official capacity, he ruined his reputation and therefore effectiveness, no matter how good you believe his motivation may have been to protect the public.

    The possibility of witness protection is unlikely, as I don’t think that authorities use the ID of dead people to reassign to those they are protecting. I believe they create a totally new past for them. I could be wrong, though, since TV is my only source of info on that process. It seems that whatever his motivation, he took the opportunity himself to change his ID.

    I guess we’ll all be staying tuned for … the rest of the story. Yes, I want to see some news that is truly fair and accurate and thorough, before we go jumping to conclusions as to his reasons for the false identity and who he was before “JE.”

  14. @Sean, thank you also for stating that there were licencees who did state that “JE” was professional and rightly doing his job. It is good to hear these things that the media did omit in order to make a juicier biased story. Ugh! The media is horrible at selling a sensational story versus reporting in a fair and unbiased manner. But I guess we the public generally want to be spoonfed our attitudes and to know, clearly and simply, who wears the black hat and who wears the white hat. Sometimes it just isn’t that simple, is it? Thank you for pointing that out.

  15. Well Sean, you have a great attitude considering your good friend lied to you for 8 years. I take it you were ..em..close? I hope you can handle the truth when it is finally revealed. You may have no bones about a person lying to you about their true self and who they really are..I guess that makes you …loss for words here. Or, maybe you were in on his big secret. ??

    Does professional document shredding mean anything to you? Just asking.

    BTW, I am across the country so Bend News is news to me.

  16. I just read Sean Tobin’s blog, he is a nutjob. He thinks this case is funny and looks to Evers as a Folk Hero. Just a guess, Sean grows his own weed.

  17. @Jon, Thanks for putting that report up on hackbend. I think, as Sean said, to get as true a picture as possible, interested citizens should read the source docs, and not just other people’s accounts of them.

  18. Being a restaurant owner in Bend, and having worked with JE, I found him to be fair. That being said, here’s my concern; if it is determined he stole his identity what assurance do I have that all the personal information I provided the OLCC, that Jason Evers had access to, has not been misused. Is there a credit card out there with my name on it just just a card swipe away from ruining my credit. Did he sell my information to someone who might steal my identity. I do know this there are parents in Ohio who suffered the tragic loss of their son and are being reminded of it a little more then they would like to. Finally I feel Sean is a bit delusional, a single lie by someone who is bound to uphold the public trust is one lie too many. Lie to the OLCC and see if you get a liquor license.

  19. Sean, having read the DOJ report, JE’s actions are WORSE than I thought. The intimidation looks deeply disturbing and probably criminal.

    Your words do sound nice though.

  20. @Just the Truth,

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the information that could have possibly been stolen by “Jason Evers”. First off, ID theft is much easier than most could imagine and there would be countless methods of obtaining your information if someone wanted, not just from some forms filled out while trying to obtain a license. Further, it seems like “Jason Evers” was not looking for a quick ID theft. He maintained this identity for at a minimum of 8 years, but it certainly appears to be 14 years. It also doesn’t seem the motive was for financial means as there would be much better ways to go about this. Though there is no definite assurance that your information cannot be taken, I think in this case you are still better off than many of the other places you give information out to.

  21. Sean says “Let us not be influenced by the few OLCC haters in Bend who value dollars more than common sense.”

    The few haters? Try everyone involved in the hospitality industry!

    The OLCC is a joke. At this point, MARIJUANA is treated with more respect by the state of Oregon than alcoholic beverages and the hard working people who produce them and serve them.

    This isn’t the “money grubbing” lawyers or owners talking either, Sean. All you have to do is go talk to people on the front line who had to deal with the bullying tactics of “Jason” night after night. He constantly tried to trick and intimidate people at the end of their long shifts into doing or saying things that he knew would get them in trouble. I mean, intentionally sneaking a minor into a PRIVATE club like some kind of anti-alcohol terrorist? Yeah, I’m sure he was a great friend… as long as you don’t try and earn an honest living serving or making drinks.

    Frankly, the OLCC needs to be shut down. Everyone gets all upset about “socialist” health care reform, but the truly socialist OLCC gets away with this nonsense year after year.

  22. I think people should be very concerned about Jason Evers having access to their personal information. I don’t know what kind of life style he led, high flutin but did his lifestyle outweigh his means to pay for that life style.

    I know I am talking in riddles here but if you google enough, you will see what I am referring to. Key Words: Professional Document shredding. Regional Sales Manager-Jason Evers. What does Jason’s frequent flyer mileage look like? Is this name and line of work a Coinky dink? Research Cintas Document Management Company out of OHIO. They have State and Federal Government Contracts to destory classfied and other sensitive information. You can only hope the Contractors who work for this company are HONEST, say, like Jason Evers.

    Cintas Document Management will donate a shredding truck for residents who bring personal paperwork, such as canceled checks, tax information and other forms of sensitive information.

    Jason Evers, Cintas regional sales manager, will be available for residents with any questions, while a company representative will secure all documents during the shredding process.

  23. Oh, Sean, while elegantly written, your opinion above is nothing more than that — an opinion. And knowing Jason … er … John Doe for 8 years means your OPINION is biased. As a woman who managed one of the busier bars in Bend for quite some time, and who had the safety of my bar patrons — both while at my bar and on their journey home — at the forefront, I have an opinion, too. And you might not like it, but given that I took the time to read your lengthy response, I hope you, in turn, take the time to read mine.

    The circle of bartenders in Bend is a very exclusive one, and word travels quickly. When JE entered the scene, the joys of being a bartender took an immediate nosedive. No longer was it fun to make people laugh, tell stories and serve delicious cocktails behind the bar. Instead, many of us were in constant fear of our job security, all because of your “friend”.

    Let me tell you a story:

    One night I was behind the bar serving drinks, and had two highly trained security detail at the door. On this night an underage girl transferred a stamp from one of her of-age friends on to her own wrist and entered our establishment. However, my security, having been in the industry for a long time, had a funny feeling about the girl and, even though she had the correct stamp for entry into our establishment, checked her I.D. She was under the legal drinking age, and was promptly asked to leave. No force. No yelling. And no drinking took place. The girl was in our establishment for less than five minutes.

    Fast forward an hour and JE & Company come into my bar to alert me that we had served alcohol to a minor. Knowing of Jason’s reputation for … stretching the truth, I braced myself for a battle. I was not disappointed.

    Jason’s story changed over the course of the next few months, first saying he had witnessed the girl in our bar, next saying he had been tailing the girl and, while he never actually WITNESSED her take a drink, he knew she had, and moving into his never actually being at the bar, but having testimony from the witness saying I had served her. None of this was true, as it turned out (the witness gave us a statement to the contrary and we were able to provide pictures as evidence) and we won the battle. But not before countless nights of sleep were lost and ample amount of was money spent to fight.

    So say what you will, Sean, and form your own opinion. But your statement that all of the bars that received fines while Jason was at the top of the OLCC hierarchy are guilty is going against what you, yourself, posted above: Innocent until PROVEN guilty. And when your “friend”, Jason, lied in his statement concerning my establishment, he committed perjury. And in doing so we were found innocent, but we were one of the lucky ones. His lies were far-reaching and destructive, and many other respectable establishments lost countless employees and paid countless fines because of his stories. Sure, it’s not nearly as ominous as poaching the identity of a slain, Ohio toddler, but considering the temporary fear he placed on my life and the lives of my colleagues, it was a pretty low-blow.

    So before you point fingers, Sean, remember one thing: I was a good bartender who took great care of my patrons and did so to provide a nice life for my daughter. I took great pride in my work and tried very hard to make my establishment an upstanding one. Was I perfect? Hell no. But I did what I could to help the drinking folk of Bend, Oregon, my home, have a fun, safe and memorable evening. Your friend, Jason, did his best to make that a bad thing, and took the joy out of my career.

    And like I said in another post: nobody ever changed their identity because they were ‘just so tired of being the good guy.’ Not ever.


    PS — I did read the DOJ report, and my opinion stands strong: Jason will be the straw that finally broke a very corrupt camel’s back.

  24. @Curious,

    Jason Evers professional document shredder, yes I found some information. Do we try to associate with all other Jason Evers? Jason Evers is a window washer, a carpenter, involved in the printing business and also works in a MMA and fitness center. Now obviously there are a lot of Jason Evers out there. I can’t seem to find any reason to believe that John Doe aka Jason Evers of the OLCC is involved in any of those other business. So far Curious, I find your argument problematic.

    There is not reason to believe that John Doe aka Jason Evers was in Ohio. Other reports say both Birth Certificates and SS card were requested from Colorado, not OHIO. So far, there is no reason to believe that John Doe aka Jason Evers was actually in Ohio. You could argue that we don’t know where Jason Evers has been, but then one could conclude that John Doe aka Jason Evers lived in everyone of the 50 states. Arguments based upon no facts are fallacious at least.

    It looks like Jason Evers of Cintas has been busy working while John Doe aka Jason Evers has been in jail. Further a phone call to speak to sales representative Jason Evers of Cintas would solve your conspiracy theory nicely.

  25. I found the name and line of work ironic at best. The document manager position is one where they travel across the country. Who’s to say it is not some kind of mob operation with Jason Ever’s employed in every corner.

    Sorry you took it so personal and with such malice. Get a more pleasant life.

  26. Wow…

    I just “checked” back in on the postings here and there are a lot of very easily dealt with criticisms of my previous posting – see above. A lot of statements that do not stand up to logical scrutiny. Even for people who do not know Jason or live in Bend – just a little reason goes a long way.

    “Biased”? This one is easily dealt with… I got to know Jason over the course of seven to eight years. Like I said the guy I know would give you the shirt off of his back. His line of work, his work ethic and his community volunteerism were way above the average citizens. How many of you have helped someone in need recently? Who better to speak about Jason than someone who got to know him on a personal level over the course of years? Certainly not someone who was fined by him or is just posting anonymously here about an issue that they are not fully informed about.

    As far as my bias goes – I guess it is a bit better than let us say someone who “works” in the “industry” of serving alcohol in Bend. Some of those that do this irresponsibly that is! Funny thing is a lot of people who are in that industry got along just fine with Jason. It’s just the usual suspects who cannot seem to stay within the spirit of the law that had problems. Hence why those eateries and bars will never get good recommendations from me to any of my personal friends who live in or pass through Bend Oregon. I care too much about my friends to allow them to go to any place of business that does not look out for it’s customers.

    “Should do away with the OLCC…” That is just blindingly ignorant. So more people wind up dead on our streets because there isn’t any law enforcement? Before anyone here makes such a statement they should just try to visualize a loved one and then think about how heart broken you/them would be if that loved one died in a hit and run – by someone behind the wheel and who was intoxicated. Laws enforced responsibly protect everyone’s loved ones. And this I aim at the vocal minority in Bend – even yours.

    “500 pages…” is a lot when talking about the OLCC laws – but we can thank the lawyer “Patsies” of the world for that one! Such individuals thrive off of our litigious ways in America. In fact it is the only way they can make a living – so remember their “bias” the next time a lawyer speaks to you about anything. Just because they want you to pay them probably means that you shouldn’t always listen to what they have to say. Look people it’s pretty straight forward here – just don’t serve minors or those already well above what they can tolerate in terms of alcoholic consumption. Common sense really. I applaud responsible Bar/restaurant owners who can do this – you will always get my business because I really do know that you want to see me again! That it isn’t just a one time exchange of money for some consumption.

    “Curious” sounds a bit young. While I did live in Bend Oregon most people in the fine State of Oregon are not pot smokers. I am proud of the fact that I got to call the Pacific Northwest my home for a time. I am also proud of the fact that I have been square my whole life as regards illegal substances – it’s called straight edge. Feel free to run a lab test on me any time! My fat cells carry none of those contaminants. And never will. But I do like mushrooms on my pizza!

    The off kilter nature of his/her commentary leaves me a bit curious… it is after all a bit all over the map. Let me just address one of them right here and now. If I run my name in a search engine it turns out that I am a runner, a chess player, a physicist, a foreign exchange student accused of spying by the Russian Government during the 1990s, a news anchor, a writer… some of these things are true while most are just a case of wrong person but right name. The runner is me in some instances and in others just the same name. In fact my name is an extremely common one. For instance in my home town back east there were three other “Sean Tobin” characters that lived there. When I first moved to Bend Oregon I went to go get my first library card and they told me that I owed them a fine! Even though I had never ever been in that library before in my entire life – again a case of wrong Sean Tobin. It turns out that there had been another Sean Tobin that lived in town and that he owed the fine! There was also another Sean Tobin that worked in a Brewery coincidentally enough. Go ahead and see for yourself by using a search engine! That is an awful lot of people out there that share my name! So when you run Jason’s name through a search engine it doesn’t surprise me that all sorts of things come up – like “document shredder”. “Interesting” but utterly unrelated to the Jason Evers that I know.

    Has the jury convicted Jason Evers yet? In terms of the popular and manipulated arena of public opinion there are a lot of people out there trying to make “their” case – and that are tying to convict Jason in the arena of Public opinion. But when you think about it, logically that is, you can see through a lot of their arguments. Do we know the full story on Jason Evers? No. Has the final verdict been read yet? No – and we shall not know everything on this “case” for some time. I can only vouch for the actions of the person that I know in the time that I have known him… for the character displayed by Jason Evers. Formerly of Bend Oregon and presently standing accused of a crime. Is he innocent? Is he guilty and if so then of what precisely is he guilty of? And here is another question for you – If he did assume an identity then why did he do it – IF INDEED THIS IS WHAT HE HAS DONE AS REPORTED BY A LOT OF NOT SO NEUTRAL OBSERVERS OF THIS CASE?

    One more thing before I log off… IF YOU HAVE READ THE DOJ REPORT then you would realize just how misinterpreted this document really has become. The representation of the report by the local Bend media is biased and dishonest to say the least. It is also easily rebutted if you look into the particulars by actually reading the report! Another thing that is easily rebutted is the characterization of some of the incidents cited in that DOJ report. Some of the cases where the media and the local vocal minority state that Evers fabricated evidence because of a lack of video coverage are setting themselves up for a big surprise. One I don’t mind delivering in a court of law even.

    Some of those events Evers stated took place outside of those establishments – well outside of the view of “their” cameras. Well gee wiz people that does let an awful lot of the air out of those arguments. Just because an overly intoxicated person falls down outside a bar – perhaps even out in the middle of the woods – doesn’t mean that because it happened off camera that they, indeed, did not fell down at all. It just means that it wasn’t captured on video. ON A VIDEO CAMERA OWNED BY THAT ESTABLISHMENT. Sort of like a lot of the feisty cuff fiascoes that involve overzealous bar patrons and bouncers outside the front door.

    I will answer more of these postings later on. Thanks for the open forum here. Any meeting of the minds will benefit all of us. Any honest exchange can only enrich each of us. May we all find out what is really going on with Jason Evers and let none of us cast the first stone when it comes to ripping down a fellow human being. Particularly when doing so “ANONYMOUSLY” on the internet. I am “curious” to see how many of you would actually attach your very own name to these postings. Some of you have assumed an alter ego when posting online – some might even say another identity. I am not wearing a mask or false name as I post under my real name. Is Jason Evers? Are you?

    Make it a great day – today and every day of your life!
    Sean Tobin.

  27. Sean,

    Jason’s lawyer stated that he changed his identity for his fear of his personal safety. I can tell you that if any liquor licensee did the same thing, they would lose their liquor and lottery license faster then you could say WTF. When Jason stated his name at any OLCC hearing he was committing perjury. I personally have been the victim of false statements made by OLCC investigators, (not Jason Evers), that were later disproved by video tape evidence. Costing $100,000+ in legal fees. So while I’m sure Jason, or who ever he is, was a good friend and had many good qualities it’s hard to escape the hypocrisy of the OLCC having an agent enforcing rules who would be denied a license. Kinda like having a traffic cop that can’t get a driver’s license.

  28. This one is aimed at “Just the truth” – just a little bit of truth for you too.

    It does now turn out that the person that I have known as Jason Evers was an assumed identity. Having gotten to know “Jason” though I can clearly and unambiguously state that in the time that I have known him he has never been less than kind to any person whom we both have known mutually. In the time that I spent with him out and about in the public he got on really well – even with complete strangers. Actions tend to speak louder than words and his actions during that time spoke very loudly to me. Did Jason do something illegal, that is before changing his identity? Or is he merely trying to outrun his own past – a time in his life that was not good or kind to him? Time will tell as many people are now actively searching for answers to the questions that surround Jason Evers – including his friends. Make no mistake – I AM A FRIEND OF THE PERSON THAT I HAVE GOTTEN TO KNOW AS JASON EVERS.

    Here is a little food for thought for all of you folks though…

    “Laws respecting married names vary. In areas whose legal systems derive from the English common law—such as most parts of the USA, Canada, and the UK—a name change usually does not require much legal action, because a person can choose to be known by any name”

    Taken from Wikipedia.

    I could go into the actual requirements of a legal name change here but that would not be something that would be of interest to most people and it is well beyond the scope of my posting here. However assuming the identity of a deceased person is quite common. It would be an even bigger crime to assume the identity of someone who is alive… just ask Tiger Woods*. The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of the original “Jason Evers” are horrific – but when is the death of a child NOT horrific? The local media outlets of Bend have really over played this hand to the hilt. Just to make this story even more sinister and “interesting” – all for the sake of some sensationalism.

    *Since Tiger Woods has displayed less than classy behavior most identity thieves have opted to not assume his identity – that is if they ever want to get a date. This is just a joke… I am not being serious! However Tiger Woods – as are many celebrities – tend to be the targets of identity theft.

    Now let us take a look at one of the statements made by “Just the truth” – an online identity used to protect the user’s Real Name. An assumed identity as it were.

    “Jason’s lawyer stated that he changed his identity for his fear of his personal safety. I can tell you that if any liquor licensee did the same thing, they would lose their liquor and lottery license faster then you could say WTF.”

    Ok this one is fairly easily dealt with… if a “licensee” had to change their name for concern over their personal safety – I don’t know about you… but if it were me I just might not lead such a public life. Anyone looking for you could look up your restaurant or Bar in the yellow pages and come looking for you. AND YOU ACTUALLY CAN LEGALLY CHANGE YOUR NAME or you can even JUST USE AN ALTERNATE NAME AND THAT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL FOR YOU TO DO SO. What would be illegal is if you assumed Tiger Woods’s identity and then made money off of that name while running your business. Tiger wouldn’t like that nor would many of your golf buddies – or their wives. Justifiably for that matter.

    I am assuming the “WTF” stands for “Why The French fries?”! : P

    The issue with Jason Evers now is over the assumed identity. Not the tragic murder of a three year old boy by some psycho. Not the Jason Evers and OLCC hate brigade in Bend Oregon. Or some squirmy lawyer trying to take angry people for the proverbial ride to the cleaners. It is a matter of Federal jurisdiction now and answers will be forthcoming. His friends and those concerned with truth and justice will be watching this case very closely. We already know that his enemies and those individuals who do not wish to play by the rules and laws of Oregon are paying a great deal of attention to this case. The laws that I am referring to concern all “licensee” type folks out there.

    Now let us take a look at another one of “your” – who ever you really are – statements.

    “I personally have been the victim of false statements made by OLCC investigators, (not Jason Evers), that were later disproved by video tape evidence.”

    I already covered the video tape angle. Did someone fall down in the woods and you were unable to hear their cries for help? Just because the video camera did not pick it up that is?

    Ok let us assume that you – whoever you really are – were the “victim” of such a widespread conspiracy to deny honest people an honest living. I just don’t buy it, sorry. But ok, let us say that this is what happened to you in your specific case. What were the specifics of that case again? Do you care to share them here in this open forum? Got any proof that any of this happened? If so I would even support you because I am all for legal conduct, truth, justice and the American way. Even as regards the legality of identity theft. Until I know more about your specific case though I really am unable to speak as to what may or may not have occurred there. Just too many unknowns and variables. Give me some hard cold facts to work with and I will take a look at it. Testimonials are notoriously unreliable – especially when alcohol enters the mix. At least in Bend Oregon.

    Now let us take a look at this golden nugget of an analogy.

    “Kinda like having a traffic cop that can’t get a driver’s license.”

    The two examples couldn’t be further from each other in terms of their relevance. It’s a lot more like “Kinda like a law abiding citizen who became an agent of the law who enforced traffic laws but had been in the witness protection program for 14 years.” Or it might be a lot more like “Kinda like having a traffic cop that had assumed an identity early on during his youth enforcing traffic laws as a law abiding citizen under an assumed identity.” It’s kind of more like that actually.

    In the time I spent with Jason he was totally by the book – one of the reasons why he is so hated by the loud local and vocal minority in Bend. Certain lawyers have appreciated that though – it was like shaking money out of a money tree for them! Angry people? Stir the pot and let’s bring it to court! Sadly for the lawyers and angry local vocal minority laws are meant to be enforced and in an even handed manner. No wonder they couldn’t stand to have someone enforcing those laws as they are actually stated – heavens no – not that! Ok – you like to use analogies, I have one for you right now. Tell me if this one is the right size for you. And I wont even charge you 100,000+ dollars for it either.

    I don’t know about you but if I am ever on the operating table and I need a brain surgeon then I want to have the brain surgeon who follows all the procedures to save my life. I do not want the guy/gal that takes short cuts or doesn’t pay attention to details. I want the job done right – because it is not only in my best interest but in the best interests of my loved ones too. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to appreciate what I am saying here. Sometimes the truth hurts.

    Time will tell if the truth about Jason Evers past will hurt his friends or not. Or if it will play into the hands of the angry and lawless. Or those driven by a personal profit motive. I am willing to say that it will not hurt his friends – nor for that matter the OLCC – based upon the way Jason acted day in and day out when I was around him. His conduct, his actions – the way he treated friends and complete strangers. The way he took an interest in his local community – where ever he happened to be. His level of respect for and love for his community. He would stick by his friends through thick and thin. I intend to do the same until I have cause to do otherwise.

    Sean Tobin*
    May 15th, 2010

    *This is my real name. Just some real truth for you – that is all. Nothing more nor nothing less than the truth.

  29. Whatever….In case you didn’t notice, he is in some serious trouble. He broke Federal Law. He is facing 10 years in the PEN. Get use to it.

  30. Sean,

    I have to keep this short. I have no personal vendetta regarding….whoever the hell he is. In fact I don’t know WTHHI well enough to comment on his character. I do know a great deal of time and resources are being spent, at the taxpayers expense, to find the truth to his identity. Lastly your explanation, and defense of using any name anyone cares to as long as their not making money from it, well is just simply laughable. Hey Sean try this, should you ever find yourself being sworn in at a legal proceeding use the name Albert Einstein and see how that goes over with the judge. Oh BTW, I’m pretty sure if he was in the witness protection program, (a federal program), he wouldn’t be facing federal charges.

  31. Hello Again,

    First off a response to a “Curious” person… I actually did notice that he is in trouble. That is why as a friend I have gotten used to standing my my friends – no matter what king of trouble they are in. I am only friends with the kind of people that display their character openly. We do not yet know what Jason’s reasons were for the actions that he took. I still see that you do post under your real name. How very interesting.

    Now for “The Truth”! You obviously do not posses the reading skills to pass “No child left behind”. I clearly stated my position in the text of my statement. This identity theft issue is a separate issue from all the other issues surrounding Jason Evers. Obviously one will be in trouble for using someone else’s identity – no matter who’s identity it is.

    At no time did I state that I thought using a false legal name was not viewed as illegal. You had to read my entire posting to see that though. Hey “Just the Truth” try this one on for size – try posting a response without hiding behind your false online identity. Oh – and I see that you have still not posted any factual information as regards your personal run in with the law. Perhaps you were in the wrong then?

    There is nothing wrong with protecting your identity by doing so as you have done when posting online… I do not know what reasons you have for doing this of course. As of right now – we do not know what Jason’s reasons were either for doing what he did 14 years ago. We will all find out though – even those OLCC bashers like yourself.

    – Sean Tobin.

  32. Well, it doesn’t look like Evers is going to tell the truth about whom he really is. This could only mean he is hiding a criminal background. I suspect he must have murdered one of his boyfriends, probably rolled him for all his money, etc, and changed his name and started a new life with a murdered child’s name.
    I think it is really cool how the Judge said he can’t access any of his business accounts;money in the bank, etc, because he is no longer Jason Evers, he is John Doe without a toe tag.

    What a guy, GEE, I wish he were my best friend too…

    Bahahahahahaha …

    Oh a serious note, may the long arm Justice give him and his accomplices a spanking they will always remember.

  33. As I understand Name change law, Sean is correct. If a person stops using their old name and starts using a new name. Legally the person’s name is changed. Paperwork may be required to change certain forms and other paper work, but the name is legally changed. For those women out there, look at what is required to change your name when you get married. The whole process is utterly trivial. The only condition is that you are no longer using the previous name. For Jason Evers, I think it is apparent that he is no longer using the previous name. This means legally his name is Jason Evers, even if he was not born with the name. According to Wikipedia, Brazil is one of the few countries where names are considered immutable.

    I believe this is why Jason Evers is being charged with passport fraud and not a whole host of other charges.

    Another thing to consider, is that assuming that Jason Evers was 17 in 1996 when he changed his name, most criminal charges can be sealed. I think it is becoming painfully obvious to authorities, journalists and the public that Jason Evers did not commit any crimes and then changed his name. I know quite a few people who committed some stupid crimes in high school and later had there record sealed. Obviously, there are crimes that are not sealed (I believe any time a minor is tried as an adult). A previous crime would mean that Jason Evers fingerprints would provide a match to another name. Unless Jason Evers joined the Men In Black and used the fingerprint remover.

  34. Remember he didn’t just change his name, he obtained a birth certificate under false pretense. Then obtained a new social security number, he applied for credit under this new number. I believe companies extending credit deserve to evaluate your true credit history not the credit history of a dead 3 year old boy. Some people might call that fraud, some people, but not Sean Tobin. Honestly Sean I haven’t been able read your rants in their entireity, I’m usually laughing too hard to see through the tears. I concede I may not have absorbed all the nuasances of your arguement. Doing this on iPhone , too tedious gotta go.

  35. You cannot just start going by a dead person’s name without changing the name in a court of law, I don’t care who you are. It is against the law. Do some research. The charges that can brought against this Cool Cat are endless. I have a feeling the Feds have just begun. I read Jason liked to asscioate with the elderly, I wonder if for nefarious purposes.

    “But he that filches from me my good name/Robs me of that which not enriches him/And makes me poor indeed.”
    – Shakespeare, Othello, act iii. Sc. 3.

    What’s The Department Of Justice Doing About Identity Theft And Fraud?

    The Department of Justice prosecutes cases of identity theft and fraud under a variety of federal statutes. In the fall of 1998, for example, Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act . This legislation created a new offense of identity theft, which prohibits knowingly transfer[ring] or us[ing], without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person with the intent to commit, or to aid or abet, any unlawful activity that constitutes a violation of Federal law, or that constitutes a felony under any applicable State or local law.

    18 U.S.C. § 1028(a)(7). This offense, in most circumstances, carries a maximum term of 15 years’ imprisonment, a fine, and criminal forfeiture of any personal property used or intended to be used to commit the offense.

    Schemes to commit identity theft or fraud may also involve violations of other statutes such as identification fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1028), credit card fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1029), computer fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1030), mail fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1341), wire fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1343), or financial institution fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1344). Each of these federal offenses are felonies that carry substantial penalties ­ in some cases, as high as 30 years’ imprisonment, fines, and criminal forfeiture.

    Federal prosecutors work with federal investigative agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, and the United States Postal Inspection Service to prosecute identity theft and fraud cases.

    Here are some examples of recent cases:

    Central District of California. A woman pleaded guilty to federal charges of using a stolen Social Security number to obtain thousands of dollars in credit and then filing for bankruptcy in the name of her victim. More recently, a man was indicted, pleaded guilty to federal charges and was sentenced to 27 months’ imprisonment for obtaining private bank account information about an insurance company’s policyholders and using that information to deposit $764,000 in counterfeit checks into a bank account he established.

    Central District of California. Two of three defendants have pleaded guilty to identity theft, bank fraud, and related charges for their roles in a scheme to open bank accounts with both real and fake identification documents, deposit U.S. Treasury checks that were stolen from the mail, and withdraw funds from those accounts.

    Middle District of Florida. A defendant has been indicted on bank fraud charges for obtaining names, addresses, and Social Security numbers from a Web site and using those data to apply for a series of car loans over the Internet.

    Southern District of Florida. A woman was indicted and pleaded guilty to federal charges involving her obtaining a fraudulent driver’s license in the name of the victim, using the license to withdraw more than $13,000 from the victim’s bank account, and obtaining five department store credit cards in the victim’s name and charging approximately $4,000 on those cards.

    District of Kansas. A defendant pleaded guilty to conspiracy, odometer fraud, and mail fraud for operating an odometer “rollback” scheme on used cars. The defendant used false and assumed identities, including the identities of deceased persons, to obtain false identification documents and fraudulent car titles.


  36. Here is a flip flop scheme.

    Department of Justice Press Release

    For Immediate Release
    May 7, 2010 United States Attorney’s Office
    Eastern District of California
    Contact: (916) 554-2700
    Two Mortgage Fraud Cases Charged Yesterday
    Five Defendants Legally Changed Their Names to Conceal Scheme
    Roseville Man Made False Statements to Financial Institutions


  37. On Looker writes:

    “As I understand Name change law, Sean is correct. If a person stops using their old name and starts using a new name. Legally the person’s name is changed”


  38. Not so fast Sparky..

    Appeal delays release of Oregon mystery man
    By ABBY HAIGHT (AP) – 4 hours ago

    PORTLAND, Ore. — A federal judge on Monday approved the release of an Oregon liquor control investigator who assumed the identity of a murdered boy, even though the man still refuses to reveal his real name.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Donald Ashmanskas said the man known as Jason Evers should be released to his Bend home under strict conditions that include house detention, electronic monitoring and restrictions on financial transactions that would require his signature.

    But U.S. prosecutors won a 24-hour delay Monday to appeal the decision, arguing that a man who is so determined to hide his identity is a flight risk.

    “If he flees, it will be next to impossible to find him because we don’t know who he is,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Stacie Beckerman. “We don’t know what to put on a warrant.”

    The man, described in court papers as John Doe, was arrested last month for making a false statement on a passport application by using the name of a 3-year-old Ohio boy who was murdered in 1982. Another man was convicted of that murder, and authorities have found no link between the man using the name and the murdered boy, other than that the name was available.

    Investigators say the man assumed the false identity as a teenager in 1996.

    Attorney Susan Russell said her client has led an upstanding life, working for the past eight years for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. He is on unpaid administrative leave from the state agency.

    The appeal of his release is scheduled for Tuesday morning before U.S. District Judge Ancer Haggerty.

    As they’d done in two previous hearings, friends and co-workers of the man filled most of the seats in the courtroom Monday. The man, dressed in a light blue jail uniform, smiled and greeted his fiancee as he entered the room under escort.

    Some of the supporters expressed dismay at the delay, but Julee Reynolds said she was confident the man she has known for eight years would be released to his home.

    “It was procedural, it was to be expected,” Reynolds said. “He is truly one of the most standup people I know. He’s not going anywhere.”

    Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

  39. Attorney Susan Russell said her client has led an upstanding life, working for the past eight years for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. He is on unpaid administrative leave from the state agency.

    There is no doubt he faked his passport application, he should be terminated from this State Agency. I can’t believe he hasn’t been fired.

    You guys got the mob out that way? I had no idea..

  40. “If he flees, it will be next to impossible to find him because we don’t know who he is,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Stacie Beckerman. “We don’t know what to put on a warrant.”

    The Judge is not rational or he has been paid off. Just my opinion, Sean Tobin.


    Perry Mason <——-My real NAME.

  41. Okay, one more, and I am done for a while. I doubt Jason’s buddy will be around, he is arranging the homecoming party.

    This could be considered. Gender change. To me personally, as a woman, Jason Ever’s looks effeminate. Okay? Lots of that stuff out in Colorado. He doesn’t look like a real man, if you catch my drift. The defense of his male friend..what’s his name…calling him a Folk Hero..well, that is just over the top, and could be construed as true love and admiration. Weirdo behavior, if you ask me.

    If I were prosecuting this case I would get a court order for DNA and a body inspection by a Physician. Ever’s DNA could very well be in CODIS as a sex offender who has not been caught or is on the run. Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered in Colorado in 1996. Just a thought, the killer has never been found but they do have their dna.

    Here are the steps a Transgender person posted for those who wish to escape their God Given Gender…with a name change. Note, you MUST be honest with the COURT and not use a DEAD PERSONS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND NAME.

    Court Order For Name Change

    Before you commit legally to a name, I recommend reading my page on choosing a name.

    I recommend getting a court order for name change before anything else. You will not run into any problems if you get this document first, since everyone accepts it as valid proof. Other documents might not be adequate in some cases. The process is often easy, but it varies by state. Print out the materials for your state and take it with you to make things easier. Some people have had a very difficult time with this step. Much depends on your state, and on the sympathy of the judge you get.

    Some people have been able to switch official documents without a court order for name change. If you cannot afford the costs for this document in your state (which may be more or less), check with local transgender people and support networks for information on other successful methods in your state. However, I believe this is the most hassle-free way to proceed, since it carries the weight of judicial decree and will not be questioned.

    You cannot change your name to avoid financial obligations or to commit fraud. The judge may ask you about this, including whether you have any judgments against you in court, if you have ever been convicted of a felony, if your taxes have been paid, or if you have declared bankruptcy. You can often usually still change your name despite some of the reasons above, but I suggest working with a legal professional since it may be more complicated.

    You can do all this yourself, but if you feel like you’d rather have someone help you, try to find a person you know who has already done this, or a family member, or you can pay a legal professional to help. There are four basic steps:


    To the moderator of this Blog, thanks for allowing me to post my opinions of this very perplexing case. When it gets down to it, I am sure Jason Ever’s will be found not only an outlaw but a criminal.

  42. So does his surrogate granny not know who he is?

    “Russell said the man has led “an otherwise law-abiding life” and moved to Oregon from Colorado to be near a woman Russell described as his “surrogate grandmother.”

    After going through Charley Project missing men 1996-1997, there wasn’t anyone that closely resembled this man. One would think that if he assumed a new identity in 1996 that someone would be looking for him. So, either his family knew of his new identity or he didn’t have any family.

    This guy grows a beard on his neck. Check his gender hormones. They are way out of wack.

  43. @UpYours

    Concerning both credit and criminal aspects, both seem to be mute issues with Jason Evers. The Feds seem to assume that Jason Evers is close to the age that is purported to be. This means he could not have bad credit as he could not actually be valid to obtain credit without a cosigner at 17. Further as mentioned in my previous post most criminal offenses can be sealed. This provides certain intrigue into the case, unlike the typical name change situations. I had heard 3rd or 4th hand that the legality of the name change was brought up in court this week and had some bearing to his possible release. I don’t have records nor 1st or 2nd hand information, so if someone was there, I would be interested in hearing more about this.

    On a side note, recognizing the method Jason Evers obtained the birth certificate and other information, I would actually assume that Jason Evers is actually slightly younger than purported. The method used was well known in the underground on the internet. Most of the time it was used at 16 to get an 18 year old ID so you buy cigerettes or at 18-19 to get a 21 year old ID so you could buy beer.

    One other side note, I grow a great neck beard and I’ve been a male my whole life. In fact, I can’t grow a mustache, but my neck beard is amazing. I was born a male and still am a male with no hormone therapy.

  44. Well, Now Ohio is after him…Wow…that just makes my day. ON LOoker, I disagree, you cannot just start using the name of a dead person and it just becomes legal. I am sorry, you are being misled. Thanks for the info on your neck beard. I have been around the world many times and have never seen a case of neck beard, quit like that. He also kinda looks like a Russian to me, perhaps he is a spy. He reminds me of Putin. At any rate, the Authorities will find him out, just to piss him off even more. I would like to know what kind of lifestyle he lived. He rented a home, didn’t own a home, which is strange.

    Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha going do when the cops come for you..
    Go OHIO..Go~! 🙂

    Joseph T. Deters, prosecuting attorney for Hamilton County, Ohio, said the Oregon man was charged with felony identity fraud.

    “We are going to find out who this guy is,” Deters said. “And we will find out why he stole this beautiful little boy’s name.”

    Attorney Susan Russell, who represents the man in Oregon, asked U.S. District Judge Ancer Haggerty for another day to consider the Ohio charges before another release hearing is scheduled.

    The man is also facing a federal charge of making a false statement on a passport application.


  45. P.S.

    ALso, his Lawyer claims he is in fear of his life…well…he would be safer in JAIL..if that is the case. Right? SO, apparently, there is no boogy man, only the desire to deflect and flee from his past that he has hidden with full approval from his accomplices aka his friends.

    He has been outed because there are more Google hits on him today than EVER, Jason Evers. And I use the word hits..as in cyber hits…not the other kind. OKAY, just want to make sure there is no misunderstanding with his IUPG buddy.

    IF I were really in fear of my life, the FBI is who I would tell, not go mum and hope the boogey man doesn’t read about my trial in world or national news.

    Jason Ever’s name is buzzing crime boards across the country with Arm Chair Detectives.

    About the Russian thing…I wonder if Sean Tobin plays any Russian’s in chess?

    Can’t WAIT to find out who he really is.

  46. Forgive my typos aka spelling errors. I do know better and actually am quite a good speller. It’s this little thing I am typing on..which is the real problem. 🙂 (other than my outrageous theories)

  47. Public record databases used by The Enquirer suggest that the man now going by Jason Evers had two catering companies and a window tinting service while living in Colorado. He later moved to Oregon, where in 2002 he was hired by the Oregon Liquor Control Board.

    Now…I have no clue if that is correct or true but people everywhere ( I mean everywhere) are digging. It won’t be long.

    Catering companies? Okie..dokie….I am suspiscious of men who run catering companies, as a rule. Window tinting? Juvenile get rich quick scheme.


  48. Anyone can pipe in anytime…………….lol Jason is going to Ohio..Jason is going to Ohio,…I am leaving on a jet plane…don’t know when I will be back again…


  49. The papers have said that Jason Evers owned a home in Bend, OR and was renting in Caldwell, ID when he was arrested. I believe that he also owned one other home that was being rented out in another location.

    UpYours, it seems you are either trolling or have a personal vendetta against Jason Evers. I like to think you are trolling. At this point, I’m looking to clarify things in regards to Jason Evers. I don’t believe anything I have said has directly supported Jason Evers nor has it been condemning. I believe in due process. For Jason Evers he hasn’t even been tried in the court of law, but has already been found guilty and ought to be sentenced in the court of public opinion.

  50. UP yours, I am an Arm Chair Detective, you can call me Ms. Troll if it suits your fancy. I posted here because I wanted to get a feel on Jason’s friend’s and co worker’s.

    A friend of mine has it on high authority that Jason has been identified and he is going down for all the charges.

    From what I have read it would appear that Jason is in fear of those whom he stomped on in the Liquor Industry in your state.

    This will be my last post On LoOker, you have been so pleasant. Thanks for the chit chat. Your friend is going down.

  51. This is aimed at everyone’s favorite Spam “out of the can” anonymous poster “UpYours”. By chance you wouldn’t be a mixacologist, would you? LOL. “Mixacology is a phony phrase lushes love to use.

    Your spamming the postings only proves my point – have you had your meds today? “Your friend is going down…” and the personal attacks and the other many incoherent postings you have posted only prove my point. I notice that you still have, as of yet, to use your real name while posting here. I mean if you did you would have to be civil and or would have to actually show us what you really believe in – without hiding behind some phony name. Just not brave enough to do that I guess. Kind of hypocritical for you to then attack Jason on some of those very same grounds. “Very interesting.”

    However if I was as hateful as you are – I wouldn’t want to use my real name either. Why would I – if I were you – want people to know that “UpYours” (nice classy handle by the way!) was really that hateful of a person! That isn’t very good advertising to do out in public, that is for sure. I mean that isn’t really an attractive outlook on life nor is it a very good way to make friends. I actually feel very sorry for you. I hope you find some balance in your life someday and maybe a little compassion towards your fellow human beings as well – even when you disagree with them. Maybe even someone like Jason Evers – while we all wait to find out even more details about his case. Friends, foes, people with a genuine interest in this case and neutral members of the public alike.

    For all we know he may very well have, indeed, needed to hide his real identity for fear of his safety. We don’t know one way or the other yet. But given your hateful screeds here I am even thinking about using a different name! Maybe Jason met you when he was 17 and was so freaked out by this experience – thus becoming worried that there are potentially even more people out there in the world just like you – that he assumed this identity. I guess I just wouldn’t associate with you at all and then that problem would be solved – and thankfully such is the case! I only answer you here because of your propensity to deal in open air hate and misrepresentation. You know – like the kind of misrepresentation about the DOJ report that has been gleefully spun in the local Bend media outlets. If you actually read it – you would know for yourself what it actually says. I have a copy of it so I would know.

    As regards “Just the Truth” you still haven’t shown us your real name either. Why not? Or given any of us any real proof of your paranoid claims of being attacked by the OLCC. Or rather that they “lied” about your conduct. I mean that is a little out there when you are talking about law enforcement. Nothing in the can with which to respond with to that one I guess. Keep working on it though as I am sure you will soon come up with something irrelevant and irrational. I guess we have gotten to see your true colors – your name needn’t count for much now as far as I am concerned. You too I pity.

    Part of my argument – in defense of Jason Evers – is let’s not destroy someone without knowing all the facts first about what that person’s motivations may or may not have been when they assumed a false identity. He has broken that law – no doubt about it now. Another component to this is we do not yet know EXACTLY what is going on here – the full story has yet to emerge. That is to say the hows and why fors of this story. For those of you who are new to this feed please read my previous postings. You will find some balanced assessments there. As regards the spam – it speaks volumes of the anonymous posters.

    Once again – the guy I got to know would give the shirt off of his back to a complete stranger. Time and time again he would help his friends and complete strangers out. To the point even of annoying me with just how friendly and helpful he was. I would tell him not to lend money to people and he always had a good rationale for why he wanted to help so and so out. He is a very compassionate human being – more interested in the living then the collecting of false honors or accumulation of “Wantful things” – he only used and owned what he needed.

    He served the public interest to the best of his ability and discharged his duties in a responsible manner – with a by the book sense. Always in the interest of keeping the general public safe as regards his role as an officer of the law. When he did exercise his judgment in specific instances – well within the rules governing the discharge of his duties in the capacity that he served the citizens of Oregon – in giving violators some leniency some of these very same people then attempted to stick it to him and the OLCC because these violators cannot dispense alcohol in a responsible fashion. Even when Jason and other representatives of the OLCC were willing to work with them and to help them to do so. Time and time again the OLCC has gone out of it’s way to interface with and to help out the local businesses found to be in violation of the laws that they enforce as well as with members of the general public that they serve. It is not in their interest to do otherwise – as they serve the public good. Be it in an economic fashion or as enforcers of the laws relevant to serving Alcohol – all in the interest of public safety.

    You know – like getting people to comply with the liquor laws in a way that might NOT get someone they know or someone else’s loved ones maimed and or killed. This is no secret actually. A lot of the members of the local vocal minority have pulled their strings and yelled loudly once they got their legs caught in the bear trap of truth. You cannot just ignore laws and do what you want without consequences – as Jason Evers has found out now.

    Once again what were his motivations? Did he ever harm anyone under his assumed identity. Nope! Did he ever go out and get someone drunk and was then responsible for that person coming to harm? No way baby! I can categorically state that for a fact – that he has never done anyone any harm ever in my presence. His interest in conflict resolution – a big part of his job – was something he was very keen in and by natural disposition most interested and inclined towards doing. I think in light of what is going on right now very telling too. He was a responsible citizen while known as Jason Evers and a good friend as well.

    Did he cook for me? Wow that was a random shot in the dark there but ok let us address that interesting topic… actually he did. He used to have very civil and fun gatherings over at his place. People could disagree with each other on Politics or other points of interest and Jason could always keep it civil and lighthearted. Just when the mood needed to be lightened up a bit Jason could inject his sense of fun and humor into the proceedings. We – his friends – could all unwind and have an intelligent conversation about the local community and larger events moving and shaping our world. We could relax with a drink while enjoying a good meal. We would watch movies and or sporting events too. I guess you would say we were enjoying each others company. I think there is a good proverb to describe this sentiment that each of us would come away with from those gatherings…

    “Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead.”
    ~Scottish Proverb

    We would even enjoy a good drink or two during those civil and open gatherings – but in a responsible manner as the drinking was not the reason for our gatherings. People could feel free to talk about anything around Jason and there wasn’t a topic that you could not engage Jason about. He is very genuinely interested in people and as such in the events of the day. Discussions were rationale and even keeled over at his place. He made people feel welcomed and went out of his way to make such experiences enjoyable for all. His interests ranged all over the place – a good indication of an intelligent mind. Based upon the nature of our conversations together you would come away with only one conclusion about Jason Evers – that he is compassionate individual as well.

    These are just some of the things that I care to share with you about the person that I know as Jason Evers. His name could be Billy Bob for all I care as his actions showed him to be a first class human being. Time will tell us what were his motivations for undertaking the actions that he took. I just know that in our lives friends are few and far between – so treasure them. Enemies stay with you for life – as Jason’s have done as exemplified by their willingness to kick him while he is down. Obviously for their own reasons – flawed characters venting, personal gain, etc., and so on.

    I can honestly state my opinions here, the facts as they are known to me from my perspective – without hiding behind some assumed online identity. A lot of the other posters here have not been able to do this – that is post under their real names in an honest or mature fashion. Just a little bit hypocritical in some respects I guess. “Very interesting” is another way I might say the same thing – without going into it in any further detail. I speak from my personal experiences – not from thousands of miles away as some posters have. I speak from a compassionate place in my heart for those who are underdogs – with the odds stacked against them. I speak as a friend here – who yes does acknowledge that Jason has assumed this identity as recent charges do suggest. But I do not, as of yet, know why. And neither do you, dear reader.

    All we can do is wait and see how this all plays out. I know in my heart that based upon Jason’s actions, based upon his display of considerable character, based upon his civic minded inclinations that he is a good person at heart. I fully believe that time will vindicate me in this belief. Even as the media vultures gather on the periphery and as the negative people collect their stones and as the lawyers yearning for a buck egg them on to do so. Like a lot of Jason’s friends I will stand by him even as the dark wave of manipulated public opinion prepares to crash down upon all of us. I do not abandon people when the going gets tough – that would be unamerican in my book. It also goes against the grain of Jason’s character – and mine as well for that matter.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read this. – Sean Tobin.

  52. I just wanted to respond to one more thing here… this particular posting by “UpYours”. I have put his/her/it’s statements in quotations.

    “UP yours, I am an Arm Chair Detective, you can call me Ms. Troll if it suits your fancy.”

    Obviously a lonely person posting on the internet – sans friends, that is to say real friends in the real world. You know – the three dimensional kind that live and breath and talk and walk. Hence the detachment from people.

    These postings are not very coherent either as you can tell from reading the above. I would say that it is more than likely – extremely likely – that this poster is a very young and immature person. Not very knowledgeable about the real world. “You can call me Ms. Troll…”? Um, ok and yeah?

    “I posted here because I wanted to get a feel on Jason’s friend’s and co worker’s.”

    Now you know we don’t back down from loud mouthed idiots who aren’t even brave enough to use their own real name – even as they attack Jason Evers because of the charges leveled against him about an assumed identity. Ironic – isn’t it!

    You may have also figured out that we tend to enjoy life – the actual living of it – and that most of us do not spend too much time online. You on the other hand “UpYours” have had quite a run here though! Obviously though a little more thinking on our part might allow you to state things in a more eloquent fashion. LOL – yes, you are correct folks – for this “entity” posting as “UpYours” the sad truth is most likely probably not!

    “A friend of mine has it on high authority that Jason has been identified and he is going down for all the charges.”

    Based upon the voice with which you speak/write with here UpYours you have no authority as regards anything in the adult world. Such a statement as the one up above made by “UpYours” folks is equivalent to a blowhard trying to bluff someone. Or some loud bully trying to intimidate someone. Based upon the caliber of this person’s postings I can absolutely guarantee you that this person has no friends even remotely near enough to this case to have an opinion about anything to do with it. This person might as well have said “My brother is bigger than your brother” – like some little kid.

    “From what I have read it would appear that Jason is in fear of those whom he stomped on in the Liquor Industry in your state.”

    This statement just reconfirms for us what we already knew – this person doesn’t know anything and doesn’t have the maturity to look at any such issue with anything even remotely resembling maturity. He/she/it has read everything here and in the news and now is an authority – even though they obviously haven’t remembered everything they have already read. I suspect Jason’s defense attorney decided to not seek the release as Jason would have been sent to Ohio immediately. I only “suspect” this because this is what one newspaper has stated. Now whether or not this is true I cannot tell you one way or the other.

    “This will be my last post On LoOker, you have been so pleasant. Thanks for the chit chat. Your friend is going down.”

    Again more name calling – which would indicate a young and or stupid person is behind these postings with their anonymous handle. “Your friend is going down.” That hasn’t been established yet, thankfully. No one knows the particulars of this case as all of the facts are not yet before any of us. However what has been established is that any person putting up posts like “UpYours” is doing a far better job of proving my points than anything else posted up here so far. When talking about compassion you only need to look at his/her/it’s postings to see the polar opposite. When looking for something to contrast with my postings – made under my real name – then take a look at the immature postings by some uncaring and unthinking anonymous entity. When looking for actual information of a personal variety – look at my postings and then compare them against someone who just logs in to antagonize everyone just out of share boredom with their own life.

    Enough is enough is enough. I have thoroughly described and dealt with each and every one of you anonymous commentators. You haven’t facts – you have fictions and frictions. You haven’t a clue – you have opinions and agendas. You have helped me to prove some of the very points I set out to prove about the people attacking Jason Evers – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    – Sean Tobin.

  53. Mr Theory,

    You skipped the part about who is Gay and who isn’t. What does it matter, a whole lot. Let me guess. You were lending Jason the money he was lending out?

    My sincere sympathy when you discover you were used and tricked by someone 40 years younger than you. I wish you the best.

    John G. Frankenfurter, M.D.

  54. @ “Not to…” Deep – Sea Fisherman.

    Actually there Captain funny she/he/it and cowardly anonymous poster I have to say YOU obviously aren’t that good at doing your internet research. How “curious”! LOL – my picture is everywhere and you have no idea what I actually look like? You obviously aren’t a brain surgeon or for that matter a reference librarian!

    Gay? What does that have to do with your not being able to post with your real name or with a picture of yourself? Only two people here have actually posted while having their picture’s attached to the actual postings. Need your specs? Go get your glasses and take a look at Jen – the first poster. She isnt afraid to use her real name and yet you are? Jen has my respect – she at least isn’t hiding behind some fake online identity and slinging mud at people from the sidelines. She came off as a mature adult who was looking to comment about an ongoing case that has captured the public’s attention. I may not agree with her on some of the issues surrounding this particular case but she at least has my respect.

    The people posting and ranting here – slinging their brand of slimy hate infused fecal mud – who have that empty picture next to their posts are about as empty as those picture less windows next to their names. Their cup is sadly not even a quarter full and some of them may be playing several cards short of a full deck. I am basing that upon the things that they have said – “they” mostly being one person. All the other adults here do not feel the need to respond to you, slug, but I just get a kick out of how immature you are. Any chess players amongst you? I doubt it!

    Actually I am heterosexual and no I am not interested in a date with you. If you need to go look that word up I suggest you use a dictionary. That is if you have one around at “your” house or rather at your mom’s place. Kick back – open that baby up for once in your life and try finding the word – it is in there somewhere. Try under “h” at first… that is always a good place to start! I have even spelled the word out for you here so remember to go back to it up above. If at first you do not succeed try doing it phonetically. If you still need help call information – someone there should be able to help you out with that one. If all that fails then just go back to eating the whole bag of Cheetos and playing WOW.

    Thanks for your attention!
    Sean Tobin – Not an anonymous poster!

  55. Sean,

    Firstly, no one should ever use their real name on a public Internet message board, it’s not courageous, it’s stupid. Secondly, if you would spend half the time you spend creating your novel long posts and research the OLCC you would discover they have been reprimanded numerous times for misconduct. You might even come across the case I was refering to. Additionally no liquor licensee is going to speak out against the OLCC for fear of retaliation. They are a monopoly and can destroy you finacially. Lastly, you stated that Jason Evers never caused anybody harm, might want to get the opinion of the parents of the real Jason Evers on that one.
    P.S. Don’t pity me, if you knew me your pity would become envy.

  56. Ah yes, another posting from the clan of the anonymous cave bear…

    A little more truth coming right at you.


    Firstly, no one should ever use their real name on a public Internet message board, it’s not courageous, it’s stupid.”

    So the very thing you bag on Evers about is the very thing you engage in here – to some degree. How very “interesting”. So you too have assumed an identity for fear of your safety. I am glad that we can agree upon that now as a reasonable explanation as to why Jason Evers may have taken the very actions that he did fourteen years ago.

    “Secondly, if you would spend half the time you spend creating your novel long posts and research the OLCC you would discover they have been reprimanded numerous times for misconduct.”

    I’m guessing that you do not know the difference between a Novella and a Novel – neither of which apply here Sir. Actually I have researched the OLCC and they aren’t the only State Agency that has had problems with influential business people in Bend Oregon. Not by a long shot. Any of you other readers out there care to comment upon this issue? I am opening the door for you my friends – let us all go through it together!

    Just because you slander a state agency that is charged with protecting you and yours – and every other member of John Q Public for that matter – doesn’t make your charges and your innuendos correct. Not even by a long shot. Give me some facts to back up your claims!

    Politics being what it is – from State to State and town to town – it is no surprise that any particular agency involved in actual law enforcement gets reprimanded from time to time. Sure – sometimes rightfully so but a lot of the time it all boils down to politics. The good of the public versus the privilege of the folks committing infractions against the law. Remember that big shot lawyer out in Sun River that actually shut down the local law enforcement out there because he got a speeding ticket? You’d have to go research that to know about it though.

    The laws are all there waiting to be enforced. Just because lawyers and politicians re-write them every few years to give themselves something to do does not make reinventing the wheel a genuine use of tax payer money. Or a wise use of time. Just because certain people want to ignore those laws doesn’t mean that they can. You Sir may not know the laws of this land – but that is no excuse either.

    While we are now on this topic of “Politics” I would at this time, if it does now so please this public court, like to add this to the Novel as it does have some bearing…

    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics, does not mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”
    ……………..Pericles 495-429 B.C.

    Ah, true that. Though our technology has changed over the course of time the actual human condition has not. We still have all of those same inclinations that our ancestors had all those thousands of years ago. Perhaps you are right about my posting here under my real name. But then again – I live in another State now! : P And it is not the state of denial friend!

    Just an FYI – if you even have one drink down here and then go out driving they really do clamp down on you in Arizona. They are more strict here than the law enforcement folks up in Oregon are when it comes to alcohol. Trust me on this – or go research it yourself! Another FYI – It is illegal to harm Sean Tobin for posting his points of view – we also have laws that cover this. FREEDOM OF SPEECH… Thankfully we still have that sort of thing, to some degree or another, in this country.

    “You might even come across the case I was refering to. Additionally no liquor licensee is going to speak out against the OLCC for fear of retaliation.”

    Well then that cannot be good for you. I mean, after all, after taking all those precautions to post here anonymously – as you have have, to just have ANYONE figure out which case you were involved in… Oh – oh, that can’t be good for you. Right? I mean if they are such a big bad State Agency that targets innocent people for no reason at all. If that were true – even in the slightest. I guess you would now be outed – your cover blown. That and the fact that your IP address could be traced. You better go rent “Enemy of the State” right now – the movie with Will Smith and Gene Hackman. Do me a favor too – because now I am worried about your safety – stay away from those video cameras at the corner stores. Also try wearing a disguise when you go out in public – that might throw people off too.

    Of course you never have provided any facts about your particular case nor does it appear that you ever will. Which is rather telling actually. I mean liquor law enforcement must be rough – do they do strip searches to you folks when you break the law? Beat people up during interrogations? They sound really rough and tough… the way a lot of their critics would paint them out to be at least. Maybe that is why they use a lot of under aged decoys too. Those teenagers are a rough crowd – so watch out for them!

    “They are a monopoly and can destroy you finacially…”

    That cannot be the correct spelling, right? I believe what we have here is a case of “finacially” = financially… please use the spell check from now on, ok? Oh yeah and one more thing – I guess you only get into trouble with them when you break the liquor laws in Oregon, RIGHT? Other than that you are fine folks.

    “Lastly, you stated that Jason Evers never caused anybody harm, …”

    CORRECT! He has never caused anyone PHYSICAL HARM. You know what I mean, like put a cap in somebody while interrogating them about the liquor law violations that they have committed. Stuff like that.

    “… might want to get the opinion of the parents of the real Jason Evers on that one.”

    Yes, I agree this has dredged up some extremely horrific and painful memories for those folks. I can’t agree more with you more on this topic – the death of a child is always horrible – no matter what form the agent of death assumed when it claims those that are the most innocent of them all. However it is well known that the method for assuming an identity involves assuming the identity of the youthfully departed. Those youngsters that die at birth or at an extremely young age. This is an interesting topic that I will return to in a moment. If you would like to see the “Truth” about this immediately then please do scroll down to page 451 right now.

    Let us get something straight here – and thank you for giving me this opportunity to do so – you and a lot of the other critics in Bend have been using that angle to augment the public opinion AGAINST Jason Evers – above and beyond the issues that pertain to his specific case. Building your case publicly as it were. I am referring to the man also known as “John Doe” – I don’t want YOU to get confused here and then have you believe that I am talking about that child that died at age three all those years ago. I am talking about the person that I got to know – as Jason Evers.

    By constantly tying together the facts of the two cases – based on what happened to that poor little boy – when some real monster took his life all those years ago – folks like you are trying to make the direct connection between that case and the Jason Evers identity fraud case in Oregon. So that John Q Public begins to associate Jason Evers with that murder. What a horrible and irresponsible thing to do. Just awful really.

    By your using such emotionally charged language no wonder people are angry about this guy Jason Evers assuming this murdered boy’s identity. The man in prison right now – I just want to make sure you know which one I am speaking about because I know you might be having issues following the plot to my latest novel here. It is after all straight forward enough. This is the exact angle that the bought and paid for local Bend media outlets have been using for the sensationalizing of this story. Jason Evers and a murdered child inextricably linked now in the public’s mind. Come on folks connect the dots!

    Sadly this case is directly LINKED to the Jason Evers identity fraud case in Oregon but only by name and not by horrific deed. That is what you people are all about though – muddying up the waters as regards this case. It is sickening to those of us who know precisely what and how and why you are doing this. Really low – really low.

    So here we are at page 451 now. Let us all think about this rationally here. Take a moment to think about what I am saying here folks, ok? That is before you immediately respond to this on an emotional level. I think Jason made a big HUGE mistake 14 years ago. That is in addition to any violations of the law that he has been accused of making all those many 14 years ago during his youth – for as of now still unspecified reasons other than for personal safety. Those reasons have yet to be disclosed as of this time. We still have to see how this plays out in court. Right? RIGHT?

    Well anyways I digress – back to the meat of my statement on this particular aspect of this case. I mean if you were going to go underground and assume someone’s identity you would want to take on an identity that was low key, right? PROBABLY NOT ONE THAT IS CONSTANTLY IN THE HEADLINES AND ON THE MINDS OF AGGRIEVED FAMILY MEMBERS. Probably not one that is in the headlines from time to time… with an ongoing battle over the parole of the infamous killer. This would suggest that Jason had researched this case from further a field and that he did not realize just how active this case was. Kind of hard to not get someone’s attention if the identity that you have assumed is still being mentioned in newspaper articles with family members fighting to get justice. Because of the family’s fight to keep the criminal REALLY responsible for that murder BEHIND BARS. Which by the way I am in total agreement with them upon this matter – as regards the members of that family fighting to keep that monster locked up.

    With the local media looking to sensationalize this and people like you trying to bolster their argument against Jason – and by direct or indirect extension the OLCC – by linking two separate crimes together it is only a wonder that people are getting emotional about this. This painful issue is now constantly in the news again. Now this only brings out the Evers family’s great tragedy even further into the public eye – because ruthless media types love to sensationalize this kind of thing. Mention it once in an article but ALL THE TIME guys? This then dear reader suggests that some people are trying to make a certain association here either for the reason of selling sensationalized copy or to cause as much damage to the OLCC and by extension all State law enforcement in the fine State of Oregon. Really trying to make a case. An egregious misconduct in my book – against FAIR AND OBJECTIVE DUE LEGAL PROCESS, THE AGGRIEVED FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE MURDERED BOY and the person that I have gotten to know as JASON EVERS.

    If Jason Evers did assume this identity of the lovely child that was taken from this world at such an early age he did not realize just how active that ongoing case was. This very fact is one of the very reasons he was caught by operation death match. But no matter what identity he assumed in the manner that he did – it would have been tragic and hurtful to the family of the deceased in any event. If you lose a child that never leaves you, never in your life. It would not have mattered if the child had died of natural causes, instead of being murdered by some monster all those many years ago. It would still be hurtful for the family members of that child – even today. However THIS Jason Evers case has had one positive side effect as regards that Jason Evers murder case. Many people have found out about the ongoing legal battle to keep the killer behind bars and because of this they have signed the online petition to keep the actual murderer of that child behind prison bars. I wonder if you have signed that petition yet? Perhaps you will brood over it when you have your next beer?

    “P.S. Don’t pity me, if you knew me your pity would become envy.”


    Sean Tobin.
    Phoenix Arizona

  57. Sean,

    First, I’m out of town and using iPhone to post, it’s tedious and correcting spelling sometimes requires deleting whole sentences and frankly not worth the time. I take no pleasure in someone else’s misfortune. I hope this all turns out to be nothing more then a young kid wanting a fake I.D., as young kids do, used it to get an apartment… and well we can guess the rest. You seem to want to plug my posts in to a black and white analysis. I’m not suggesting the OLCC is all bad, but having owned or operated liquor establishments in 14 different states, Arizona being one, I feel I have perspective that few people have. Have you ever held a liquor license? If you believe power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely then you should appreciate those who challenge monopolies like the OLCC, ensuring they remain good sheppards of the public trust. It appears my feeligs toward the OLCC are not unlike yours towards the media. Providing that there is nothing too sinister involved, I feel sorry for JE, his carreer with the OLCC is likely over. I know he had hopes of obtaining a law degree that’s probably slim to none. He probably won’t even be able to at a bar in Oregon….ironic. This certainly demonstrates the butterfly effect of one bad decision. The pity, envy statement in my last post was to see if you would respond logically or emotionally. The logical response “I can’t know anyone well enough through a few random posts to judge them. I confess my hypocrisy in this regard. I’ll await your confession.

  58. @ “Just the Truth”

    In how many of those 14 States have you had problems with your establishments? As regards the law that is! I do not expect a truthful answer – I just want to see what you will say is all. I mean if you do have that much experience in running establishments that serve alcoholic beverages then you must be very up on all of those various State and Federal laws – as they differ from State to State in particular. Which has me wondering why you were in violation of the Oregon Liquor laws. Interesting.

    As for my belief system I do not believe that total power corrupts everyone all the time. But it certainly does on way too many occasions. In particular Politicians and Businessmen. That is why people need to be a little bit weary when anyone amongst them looks to assume the mantle of authority or, if you will, the “cult of personality”. One of the charms of our Political system is that there are some checks and balances built into the system to protect the common good – term limits is a good example of one. Having to be voted into office is another and thankfully the flip side of that as well.

    As regards the media there are some great reporters out there – they just don’t work in Bend Oregon is all. If you want real news and not the average fluff and nutter infotainment – then you have to check out CSPAN, BBC and Public Broadcasting if we are talking about “Viewing” the delivery of that news. The alphabet soup of the Network and Cable television companies are just far to compromised to offer up fair and balanced reporting on a consistent basis. Though on occasion this does happen – just not often enough. Coverage of NBC TV shows on KZTV-21 does not even remotely qualify as news. When the local FOX affiliate is owned by the same people who own the local NBC affiliate then one can begin to wonder about the quality of their reporting just for this reason alone. They kind of have a monopoly on that in Bend.

    While there are some good people who work at and for the Bend Bulletin that still just doesn’t justify the low quality of that paper. Instead of relying on the AP – how about they go out and get some more of that local news! You know – right into their local newspaper there? Their take on things is out of whack… All the opportunities they have had to do real news reporting about what is happening in Bend has been compromised by their reliance on revenue generated by advertising dollars and their various relationships – business and political. Sure, ok – there is some actual news in it – but not enough for my tastes. Their whole business model is compromised or at least any claims that anyone there might have of being an actual representative of the 4th Estate.

    As regards Monopolies and the OLCC… Just like a lot of other State and Federal regulating bodies the OLCC is meant to take their particular area of interest – serving the public good by regulating Alcohol in the State of Oregon – seriously. After all people’s lives are on the line and lives can and are impacted when people who serve alcohol do not observe all the rules. It is in the interest of the Public good.

    Here is the definition of the word “monopoly”:

    “Main Entry: mo·nop·o·ly
    Pronunciation: \mə-ˈnä-p(ə-)lē\
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural mo·nop·o·lies
    Etymology: Latin monopolium, from Greek monopōlion, from mon- + pōlein to sell
    Date: 1534

    1 : exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action
    2 : exclusive possession or control
    3 : a commodity controlled by one party

    Visit http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/monopoly if you care to.

    These definitions imply “BUSINESSES” and as such not state agencies. Though the word has and can be used in this regard on some occasions it still is not quite in line with the original spirit of this words meaning. As someone who may have been dreaming of building his own monopoly I am sure you can agree with that definition then. Even if you did only manage to break into 14 different States – at reportedly one time or another. Quite an achievement actually if true.

    If enough people get together and decide that something needs to be fixed as regards laws and thus by extension those who enforce those laws then they can get together and set in motion events that will lead to amendments or the changing the rules that govern the games that we the people play – that is to put in place new laws. One of the reasons for the attacks upon Mr. Evers – was and is so as to get at the organization, the OLCC, that he served responsibly as an agent of the law. In the capacity that he did and as such he did an admirable job.

    Of course changing existing laws doesn’t always work out to be in the best interest of the Public good. Not when certain interest groups control the media outlets and go out of their way to control public opinion. It is always very telling to look at who advertises with a news outlet. Like let us say with the Bend Bulletin in Bend Oregon. That can help you figure out some things on occasion.

    As a bar or restaurant owner – purportedly – with so many different establishments you would probably want to streamline things just a little bit. The only problem with that is you are part of society and as such you will be held to certain standards as regards your conduct and business practices as a business owner. After all you are in a business – a particular kind of business – that can either impact people’s lives for the better or for ill.

    As regards the statement:

    “P.S. Don’t pity me, if you knew me your pity would become envy.”

    my answer is still hardly. I am rather enjoying life these days – even through all the hardship that has come the way of my friend Jason Evers. Staying healthy and keeping it all together is not only important for me and to me but for my friends as well. Especially when they are going to need my help.

    How I get to know someone is by judging them based upon their actions over the course of time. By listening to their words and then seeing if those words match up with their deeds over the course of an extended amount of time. I like to see how the world looks through their eyes – do they care about other people? Do they believe in the social contract? Are they someone who is trustworthy? Or do they take a hike when the going gets rough? I like to know what kind of morals they have. I like to see how consistent people are as well – as regards their conduct and their words before rushing to any sort of conclusions about them. Figuring out what makes people tick is part of the equation. You really get to know someone based upon how they deal with stress – adverse situations and circumstances that are out of their direct control – that push them to either stand up for what they believe in, to oppose the will of the self interested or to go hide in a crowd. Based upon your postings here I feel I am capable of coming to some early conclusions about what kind of person you are. Your statement –

    “The pity, envy statement in my last post was to see if you would respond logically or emotionally.”

    …has been answered. I responded logically but with my own brand of conviction. I always keep open the possibility of reversing my decisions based upon the future actions and responses of those with whom I interact. Your statement above if viewed as an attempt to trap me into some sort of predictable response has failed. But it has revealed more about you – more than you cared to share I suspect hence the backpedaling.

    Keep on with the keeping on.
    Sean Tobin.

  59. You know, this blog is not the proper forum for spouting off like this Sean (my god, who reads your books of comments thoroughly). Plain and simple, he broke the law and will go through the jury of his peers and be judged whether he was right or wrong.

    You got conned and are backing the felon/person who conned you and that I find to tell the true colors of you and your values. I have come across friends who have lied to my face and I do not value their friendship anymore. I have morals and standards.

    DROP IT. It makes you come off as a spewing idiot.

  60. @Just the Truth

    A felony is not a necessarily sufficient condition to prevent one from getting a law degree or even take the bar exam. It may however provide an obstacle related to obtaining a law degree and practicing law. Most Bars have a condition regarding the moral fitness of an attorney. A felony may disqualify a person, but are typically regarding on a case by case basis. Further, Jason has to be convicted of such a felony, which is still to be determined.

    There is a distinct difference between those who have committed a crime and those convicted of a crime. I’ve had two friends who were imprisoned for crimes they did not commit, but were convicted. Actually both plea bargained to lessor charges. Both had a long history of criminal activity in which they were charged, but acquitted various reasons. Thus committing a crime, but not convicted of such crime. For the record, I met both men at a Bible College after they had sobered up, quit drugs and had been off probation.

    @UpYours and anyone else
    My role here has not been to defend Jason, but rather to clarify misconceptions, mistakes or outright lies. In as much of what I know of Jason Evers, I would agree with Sean about Jason’s character. I cannot speak to his role at the OLCC, because the only things I know are based upon the News and the DOJ report.

  61. Breaking news..he may be a Master Chess Player.

    Federal agents are releasing a lot of new information tonight about the man who allegedly stole the identity of a murdered Tri-State child.
    Federal agents hope new details will lead to a name for this mystery man.

    The man in question has spent the last several years in Oregon. Until recently, he even held a job working for the state.

    The State Department wants to know who he is and what he is hiding.

    There is a photo of the man from 19-97.

    He may be wearing a hair piece.

    He likely vanished from his home in 1996.

    He was likely between 17 and 25 then.

    He may have an east coast accent and ties to Ohio.

    The mystery man speaks some Spanish and is also a master chess player.

    They believe he may have grown up in foster care and possibly went by the name Jason or Smiley.

    If you know anything call State Department.

    The fake Jason Evers is charged federally for trying to obtain a passport. There is also a warrant for him out of Hamilton County for identity theft


  62. Good Grief, you can’t take a joke? You guys out west need to lighten up.

    I think his resignation of his job is his way of resigning himself to the reality he is in deep doo doo. It won’t be long noooooow.

    This is for Sean Tobin.

    1. vti leave job: to give up a paid or unpaid position voluntarily
    2. or re·sign your·selfvr accept something reluctantly: to come to terms with something and acquiesce in it reluctantly He resigned himself to giving up work.
    3. vt relinquish claim: to give up a right or claim to something

    [14th century. Via French < Latin resignare "unseal, cancel, give back" < signare "to seal" < signum "mark"]

    -re·signed, , adj
    -re·sign·er, , n

  63. @ Anon


    I feel obligated to counter all the lies being spewed by people out there and in particular on this forum. As regards Jason Evers – apparently the only time he ever lied to me was – never actually. I never asked him a question like “Gee, Jason, you wouldn’t happen to be using the Social Security Card and Birth Certificate of a boy who died at age three, would you?” In every regard he was honest – just ask ANY of his friends.

    Did he break the law? It looks like he may have and that is tragic. Why though? No one yet knows – not even his friends. But based upon the kind of guy he has been – as defined by his actions and words – I will support him until there is such evidence as to suggest that I not support him. Like if he posted on a blog big long letters to people with very short attention spans or something else that is equally horrible. Are you still reading? Good!

    Let us all take a look at YOUR statement – whoever you are!

    “You got conned and are backing the felon/person who conned you…”

    At no time did I get conned. I never bought the London Bridge from Jason.

    “and that I find to tell the true colors of you and your values.”

    As you are my official Biographer please do include the stuff about how I have volunteered to help people in my past. After all you have made such a categorical statement you surely must know a lot about me! Funny though… I don’t remember you. Hmmm…. maybe I met you online somewhere? Oh yeah it was here!

    “I have come across friends who have lied to my face and I do not value their friendship anymore. I have morals and standards.”

    You obviously have very high morals and standards to be hanging around with people who constantly lied to you. Good judge of character I am betting as it sounds like you have hung out with more than just one.

    “DROP IT.”

    I don’t drop my friends – unless I have a genuine reason to reevaluate my friendship with them. Nothing has been given as evidence for me to do this as regards my friendship with Jason Evers. Like I said his actions were always first class in my presence and in the presence of our mutual friends. Trust me when I say this whole thing has come as a big shock to all of his many friends.

    “It makes you come off as a spewing idiot.”

    If taking time to defend a friend makes me a “spewing idiot” Guilty as charged! Just because you have a short attention span doesn’t mean other people do not want to read and thus “hear” what I have to say. Quite a few of them do actually! Those who are looking to judge and convict Jason in the arena of Public Opinion are a little upset with my turning over their apple cart. I don’t mind that at all. There is more to this case than a just a black and white, yes or no answer.

    Have a sparkling day now!

  64. I have discovered a certain pseudo intelligensia shared some postings from this blog to demonstrate how he made another poster appear “not as smart as himself”. This is an utter failure in Netiquette. I also noted no one ever comments. Reading the dictionary, alone, possibility? An ad hominem, also known as argumentum ad hominem pseudo intelligensia.

    The State Department did release a Bulletin today that John Doe may be a Master chess player, may wear a hair piece and has a HIGH IQ. ((sigh))
    (pssst, they ARE getting closer and closer)

    These pictures are good.

    Government bulletin offers public leads to identify ‘John Doe’ suspect held in Portland
    By Bryan Denson, The Oregonian
    May 21, 2010, 3:58PM
    View full sizeU.S. Department of StatePhotos released on U.S. State Department bulletin.A government bulletin released new details today about the Oregon liquor control investigator accused of stealing the identity of a murdered 3-year-old in 1996.


  65. The government says their suspect, accused of taking the name Jason Evers from a child murdered in Ohio in 1982, is 32 to 40 years old and may also have used the name “Smiley.”

  66. @InCOGniTO
    I can’t imagine how close the feds are getting, considering they are resorting asking the general public who Jason Evers is. This seems to me a last resort when they cannot trace fingerprints or any other identifying marks.

    The other information regarding Jason found in the Fed bulletin has mostly been found online or through other sources. I mean Sean can probably testify to Jason Evers chess ability. Further any google search of Jason Evers chess and idaho will pull up info on his ranking in various tournaments. A few other things are newish information, but easily discoverable based upon the facts already known. Beyond on that, all are reported and means that it is still slightly speculative. This means that those things are more probably true than false based on the information that is available to the feds at this time.

  67. I can’t imagine how close the feds are getting,
    Releasing the pictures of him from 1997 will provide tips and the corrected age is progress.

  68. @ InCOGniTO

    Netiquette? So in your book the promotion of lies about an ongoing case, Making unjustified claims, using the very case for leverage against a State Agency that protects the common good and kicking people while they are down is “Netiquette”? We might even through in the part about some people doing an online happy dance because of the tragic circumstances that surround others and their dashed hopes and dreams. Sir, I am glad I was not raised by your wolf pack! I just happen to have my Dictionary here by my side and as I was picking it up to move it over it fell over and opened up to the page with the word “Empathy” on it. You might want to look that one up yourself sometime – maybe the next time you are alone with your thoughts.

    As for claims by the government I found their information to be scatter shot at best – which worries me actually. These guys are paid to do investigation and they couldn’t even verify the actual playing strength of Jason? C’mon…. I agree with “OnLooker” about this appeal to the public… tis very unsettling.

    Take for instance the claim that he is a “master” grade chess player. Any of you can go look up any current member of our National Chess Federation to see what their national rating is. Their ranking as measured against all other rated players that is. The website is http://www.uschess.org and they provide this information as a free service so that anyone in these here United States may join a tournament held in any state and be placed in the appropriate section of that particular tournament. If indeed they do not play up in the top section. This is done so that players will be in a pool of competitors at or around the same strength that they are. It also prevents cheating at tournaments.

    The claim that he is a “Master Class” chess player was made for either one of two reasons:

    1.) They do not really know anything about chess and were too lazy to even use the internet to look up facts as regards Jason’s playing strength.


    2.) They are trying to us this description of “Master strength” chess player to show that the “suspect” is cunning and cagey – not to be trusted. Again trying to influence public perception/opinion about an ongoing case instead of just presenting known facts about the case. A word for the person who prepared that dossier to look up in a dictionary might be “Objectivity”.

    I feel that if this second reason was the motivation behind using this description of Jason’s true chess strength then whomever put that together has in some slight way compromised their own investigation in an irresponsible fashion. And that description of his playing strength may not be the only thing they compromised in making their public case. I can only imagine that had they presented an accurate description or listing of information that this might indeed be more helpful to members of the public – particularly those that care about Jason.

    Trust me – all of Jason’s friends are concerned about this case and his predicament. It has come as a shock to all of us. But once again – a person is defined by their actions and the person I got to know never did any wrong by me or any other person that I have ever known in all of the time that I knew Jason Evers as Jason Evers. All members of the interested public but especially his friends, await events as they develop. We want answers too.

    As regards the folks that like to go on the attack – anonymously here online – I have one message for you: Round and round and ad infinitum we go. Some of us just believe in fair play, justice and getting to the bottom of this. We aren’t looking to destroy a fellow human being.

    Peace – Sean Tobin.

  69. Ironic Sean that you are so concerned about everyone posting with their ‘real’ identity, while you do not know the ‘real’ identity of the guy you are defending so vigorously.

  70. @Moaning Myrtle

    You assuming that going by a different name has some bearing to real identity. I think Sean does know the character of Jason Evers. I’m not certain knowing someone by a particular name is more helpful than knowing a persons character over a long period of time. Afterall, haven’t we all known people by nicknames or middles names only to find out later those aren’t actually their given name. My point is simply this, there is more to knowing who a person is than their name or even their past.

    One might add that character is a trait that is more likely to determine friendships. In fact a persons character over time tells you more about a person than a particular name.

  71. @ On Looker

    You are correct–character is an important trait–however people do get fooled. Just ask the few who thought they knew Ted Bundy or B. Madoff. They will tell you, “He was the nicest guy. Never saw this behavior.” Do the names Officer Roseland, Rolf Miller, Chris Hagen, or Richard Burton mean anything to you? These were other names Ted Bundy used. Hmmmm… As my daddy said, “That’s why we call them con men”–and he was a cop, so he worked around a few if this type. I’m not saying John Doe isn’t a stellar friend, just saying that you never truly know a person. And by Sean Tobin slamming everyone for not using their ‘real’ names on their postings, it’s a little ironic since his good friend didn’t use his ‘real’ name in their ‘real’ friendship. You are right, a name doesn’t matter, but he has allegedly committed crimes, which makes him an alleged criminal. I truly hope his only indiscretion is that he foolishly assumed an identity. But I do believe that his taking the name of a murdered baby, and also using the family identities, speaks volumes to me about his ‘character’.

  72. Sean,

    Society in every state is a blessing,but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without government, our clalmity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.
    (excerpt “Common Sense by Thomas Paine)
    I offer this as it pertains to the OLCC. Sean you certainly have the right to give your opinion, however since you never worked for the OLCC or never held a liquor license, your judgements of licensees and JE’s job performance has little credibility. I too would support a friend in need with this caveat, if he had been less then honest with me he would have to come clean and take responsibilty for what he’s done. I would not blindly support someone just because they never caused me any harm. JE refuses to come clean, and take responsibility for his past. His concern for his safety is a moot point now that his picture is being plastered in all types of media. I do believe in due process, but that process requires the truth to be revealed.

  73. @ moaning myrtle

    So you are just picking up on that now, eh? Good for you – so then you can appreciate the point I am making about the people attacking Jason online here when they aren’t even willing to pony up their real names. Kind of hypocritical of them, isn’t? To attack someone who has – he claims – assumed an identity for reasons of safety while posting under a handle to protect their identities is the point I am making here. I am glad you agree with me on that!

    As for “slamming people” – who do not use their real names on this blog – if the brick wall of reality is something you do not want to crash into then don’t slam into it repeatedly. If you attack someone for assuming an identity then don’t assume one yourself. Step up and fess up!

    By making the associations that you do between Jason Evers and Ted Bundy your motivations are quite clear. If something came to light that disproved what I have known about the person known as Jason Evers then yeah let the cards fall as they may. But that has not happened, has not been proved and is just innuendo by hateful folks. As I keep saying to people here on this blog let us stay objective until all the facts of this case are known and can be heard. As I keep saying over and over again… Based upon the person that I got to know he was first class all the way. Which is what makes this case so amazingly troubling to me and a lot of his other friends as well. But based upon what we DO KNOW about him – his character and the actions that he took in the time that we have known him – we support him – that person who was known by the name Jason Evers.

    @ Just the Truth

    Nice try at trying to undermine my credibility there bub. You are most certainly NOT turning the tables on anyone as you have already convicted yourself by the words that you have previously used here. Every person who comes to this site can access our previous exchanges and come to their own conclusions as has “Onlooker” and many others.

    I know I am perfectly capable and able to interpret the laws of this land and to follow current events. I am even capable of not being in violation of those laws too. It probably has something to do with the fact that I love ask questions from the many people that I know, that I get involved in whatever community I am a member of or that I have been a member of at one time and that I take these issues seriously. Oh yeah – it also happens to do with the fact that I am NOT GOING TO DESTROY SOMEONE BASED UPON THE WORDS OF A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED PERSON INVOLVED IN THE WHOLE BEND MESS. Nor for that matter the people going for throats right now – that nameless group. It is always easier for people to go along with the mob than to stand back and take a good long hard look at an issue. That means you “Just?…the truth?”. It also has something to do with the fact that I can read – as in the instance of the widely misquoted and purposely mis-characterized DOJ report.

    As regards your commentary about the license – one does not need to hold the license in order to research the laws that it takes to hold such a license. Nor to review past cases as brought to court, nor to talk to people involved on both sides of the issue to get their take on things.

    You know like the people I have spoken with who had been fined by Jason and the OLCC and said – “Yeah, we got our hand slapped for being in violation.” Those folks moved on after that and they are still in business. Tis funny how you got fined though… that kind of makes you a little biased when you turn around and attack the OLCC. All one has to do is connect your dots my friend and the truth is laid bare! What I mean to say is just the truth – the facts as they are.

    The most telling fact about the loud vocal and local minority of OLCC bashers in Bend Oregon is that no matter how many strings they pull they cannot hide the obviousness of the fact that they have been in violation of the liquor laws of Oregon MANY, MANY times before – for MANY, MANY years. If you know the laws – why violate them? If you know you shouldn’t serve minors – make sure your staff card people, ok? If you know someone has been over served then shut them off. If your facility isn’t safe – try to make it so. Straight forward really. At least for responsible people who run responsible establishments.

    As regards your Thomas Paine quote – hopefully he has stopped rolling around in his grave by now! So I guess you do not believe in things like supporting your local police and fire departments – through your taxes? “Common Sense(“) by Thomas Paine is quite a good work but not to be misquoted as regards this issue of personal freedom – as in Jason’s – nor upon the score about our civil society of this day, which is so far removed from what governments in his day were like. While one has to remain ever vigilant and cautious about Government we can do this by being a responsible steward of our political system. How do you do that? By being informed about the issues of the day and by participating in our system of governance – if you do not like what is going on change it. However I am glad that you are so willing to advocate for personal freedom as regards persecution by the representatives of big government – I am sure Jason will appreciate that.

    Sean “The Real Truth” Tobin.

  74. “But that has not happened, has not been proved and is just innuendo by hateful folks”

    Nope, just America wishing for him to explain himself, which he apparently is not willing to do. He will get his chance in court; meantime people are searching to see who he is. Mr. Doe is very busy in the court of public opinion and rightly so. It is within everyone’s rights to speculate about who this person really is and why he would use the name of a murdered child. What crimes did he commit, were they heinous. He did not just use the child’s information but his parents information. No one said anything hateful about him, just yet. Just want to know who he is and what he is hiding. Are you really that dense to not see this? Ah no, much more complicated than that. If I didn’t know better I would think you had a motive but I realize you are just so desperate to scream to the world.. “HE was my friend, he was my friend, he is still my friend”, for all your deluded appetite, ego serving, delusions of grandeur. I have found the ones who have the largest need to pump their ego are the dimmest watts in the pack. The lonely ones, the ones no one cares about. Personality disorder, if you will. John Doe was your friend but I would bet the bank there was more reason than your sparkling know it all personality, not to mention you are one rude, insulting cocky son of a bitch. I have a feeling people would rather pluck their eyes out than read another one of your self serving, chest beating rants. You wouldn’t know good character if it bit you on the neck.

    Intelligent people don’t use their full name on the internet for reason’s Law Enforcement has advised, the obvious ones. To protect themselves from thieves like John Doe. If you are that arrogant which I know you are, no one can help you. You intelligent? Only in your mind and your sanity is very questionable.
    You are a whining, self serving pussy who would set his own hair on fire for attention, Sean Tobin, and that is as classy as I can get for you. I bet if John Doe was aka Jack The Ripper, 1997, you would still be blowing his horn. no pun intended. IOW, you irritate the crap out of me.

    You would not have the same attitude if the stolen identity was yours. You are a pathological liar if you state otherwise. I pray if it is ascertained that you know one shred of truth about John Doe that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is a big deal, one you have done everything in your piss poor power to make light off. You haven’t pushed over anyone’s apple cart, get over yourself. The only apple related thing you have done is prove your brains are made of applesauce.

  75. Sean quote, “I am NOT GOING TO DESTROY SOMEONE BASED UPON THE WORDS OF A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED PERSON, and yet there are OLCC agents willing to destroy someone based upon carreer motivations. How many ORA meetings have you attended? You would know it’s not a minority, but a significant majority frustrated with the OLCC. I don’t know why you assume I’m a law breaker, in fact they hold me up as a stellar example of a good operator. Yes I’ve spent nearly two million dollars defending my rights….correction everyones rights including the rights of Sean Tobin. I’m fighting the battles, you simply observe them. Oh by the way the fifth admendment doesn’t apply to you identity. I guess “we’ll” just have to agree to disagree, “we’ll”, being nearly everyone on this message board. Give your flying unicorn a pat on the head for me.

  76. @ InCOGniTO

    LOL – Thank you for proving my point, HATEFUL POSTERS ONE AND ALL! I suspect that ALL rationale people that read our posts will see a slight difference between the two writing styles and the messages contained therein.

    As for you knowing anything about me – hardly! Again very funny statement coming from someone hiding behind an anonymous identity online. Just because I have used my name online does not mean that someone can steal my identity. With my name there are about 100,000 OTHER Sean Tobins out there as well. Hey – maybe they are trying to steal my identity! OR our name is really quite a popular one.

    Police have advised people not to put out their PERSONAL information online. Even if you do let slip your real name it isn’t like you have shared every fact about yourself with the online community.

    Some points to consider when folks want to judge who is insane and who is not… and I quote “InCOGniTO” (Who is probably posting here under several different names now… I would love to see that ISP information.)

    “You are a whining, self serving pussy who would set his own hair on fire for attention, Sean Tobin, and that is as classy as I can get for you.”

    CLASSY INDEED! I like how you use really interesting adjectives in that sentence! Did you learn this writing style out on the streets or in a writing class I wonder?

    Such a statement as this tells us all that we – those of us treating this as a serious topic – need to know about “Incomprehensible”.

    The truth really does hurt… speaking of which…

    @ “Just? …the truth?”

    I have you pegged! Man it really bothers you – the truth that is.

    “You would know it’s not a minority, but a significant majority frustrated with the OLCC.”

    Actually I do know. I have spoken with business owners in Sunriver and in Bend and most of them are not members of your BS brigade. Funny how YOU only speak for them… how interesting! As regards the issues I have raised about other State and local agencies having problems with CERTAIN Bend Business owners I notice you never wanted to even touch that one with a ten foot pole. Why is that I wonder? Hmmmm….

    “I don’t know why you assume I’m a law breaker,”

    Maybe the fact that you were fined by the OLCC has something to do with it. LOL – remember you shared that information with us! Just a guess on my part really.

    “…in fact they hold me up as a stellar example of a good operator. Yes I’ve spent nearly two million dollars defending my rights….correction everyones rights including the rights of Sean Tobin.”

    WHO IS “THEY”? A drunken rabble perhaps? “THEY” haven’t chirped in here yet – nor have you provided any real statements of fact. Got anything to prove what you are saying here? Your statements are totally meaningless as I am about to demonstrate as regards just one specific example. Are you ready? Because I am so, so ready!

    First you stated that you spent a “$100,000” fighting the OLCC. That was way back in posting number 32. Funny how you neglected to mention your new fantastic amount spent back then as it would have had a lot “Bigger” of an impact. I mean as a “true” online patriot spending over 2 Million dollars to undermine law enforcement!

    So how can any of us verify these amazing claims? I mean if you are really defending the rights of hundreds of thousands of people named “Sean Tobin” shouldn’t we all have a right to know what exactly it is you are purportedly doing? It is amazing how as you keep posting here and how you keep increasing the level of money spent fighting either the OLCC or for the rights of the common man. That is a lot of money – it any of those statements that you have made are true.

    If you really did spend 2 million dollars to undermine the laws that protect the citizens of Oregon so that it will be easier for you to just serve anyone any old amount of liquor as it suits you then shame on you. I don’t want that kind of help actually – I prefer the OLCC’s brand of policing and I will always prefer justice over lawlessness! Thank you very much!

    “I’m fighting the battles,”

    Anonymously here online but of course. Quite the hero you are. Sort of like ZORO but substitute an “e” for the first “o” as I do not believe half of what you have written here. None of it as regards the OLCC!

    “Give your flying unicorn a pat on the head for me.”

    How did you know that I owned a flying Unicorn! LOL.

    I would use more of what you had written but the spelling and grammar went all haywire on you there at the end. Did you spill a bag of Cheetos all over yourself while playing the World of War-Craft and posting here online I wonder?

    You always attack the OLCC. Which makes me very glad that they are out there doing their jobs as they are really the ones fighting for the rights of the citizens of Oregon. You know… like the right to pursue life – the day after a night out on the town. It isn’t like they have a lot of real or monopoly money to throw around – they just do their jobs is all.


    Keep up the great work you folks do in the OLCC! Thanks for policing Bend and making it a safer community for everyone! Thanks for raising money for the state by handing out “bills of responsibility” to those who violate the laws!

    @ moaning myrtle

    Round and round we go, ad infinitum.


    Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid getting a slap on the wrist from the OLCC. That is if you own a liquor license in downtown Bend.


    Thanks for reading! Make it a great day – today and every day!!

  77. the olcc must over turn the verdicts where he perjured himself. they should contact the people they have wrongly accused and return their legal fees and offer to pay for their lawyers if they bring up the charges again. the olcc must return itself to the public trust or no longer be a public entity. this man was also on the oregon pers board. was his setting up stolen pensions? the guy is a total scammer. he has the olcc employees doing his bidding. the DA in cincinnati area has brought him up on charges. mr kroger is too busy covering his ass that nothing has been done in oregon. hopefully he will be convicted and become cellmate with the person who did in the first jason evers. ( who)evers was a con running a con and has conned all who believe in him. throw him in jail for 10-15 years and let him come out to his old identity. old gray and tired.

  78. @ bk morris

    Ah yes, another legal scholar I see! I am ever so excited to answer your amazing posting Mr. “Morris”. I hope you will be able to see your computer screen from your stool.

    ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE FINED WERE DOING ILLEGAL THINGS/ACTS AND WERE RIGHTFULLY FINED. They were still in the wrong and they got fined. This is good for law abiding citizens and good for all of Oregon!

    If someone in a Mickey Mouse costume had found them to be in violation of the law then guess what! It does not matter that the person who napped’em was wearing a Mickey Mouse suit – those folks in downtown Bend were still serving Minors, still serving people past a reasonable point of consumption and they were still operating their establishments in violation of well known law.

    Hey, Morris – time for din din and here it is!

    Here are some simple steps even Morris can take to avoid getting a slap on the wrist from the OLCC. That is if you own a liquor license in downtown Bend there Morris.


    Thanks for reading! Make it a great day – today and every day!! That goes for you too Morris!!!

  79. Sean,

    Well Sean when I referenced spending 100k in legal fees that was for one particular instance. I also posted 100,000+….see the plus sign, the sign you omitted in your reply. Math might not be one of your strong suits but 2 million is greater than 100k. You spoke to a handful businesses in Sunriver and Bend, there are thousands of licensees, and you really can’t believe that qualifies anybody to make an informed opinion. It’s kind of like assessing the health of a person by looking at their haircut. Yes, I’ve been fined in the past, got some traffic and parking tickets too. I paid those fines too, and never felt I was the criminal you’re trying to make me out to be. The OLCC will freely confess they don’t have enough compliance officers to fairly enforce its rules. That is why almost all states let their local police deal with it. Oregon police feel liquor issues are a matter for the OLCC, so they don’t address them, until it becomes a DUI. So it creates a situation that doesn’t effectively deal with public safety. Idaho, a liquor control state, has less than 10 employees. The OLCC has over 10 times that. All of them with a gold plated pensions that are heavily subsidized with taxpayer dollars. All for now.

  80. dear sean i also said that he should be sent back to ohio convicted of crime of id theft and become a cellmate of the murderer of jason evers . he perjured himself. he is a liar. looks to be soon convicted of id theft in ohio or on the federal level. the olcc should turn there backs on this guy. mr tobin if that is really you and not the former brewer at the deschutes. are you a phony also? what about the minor decoy program. could you explain why the olcc and state of oregon doesn’t prosecute the decoys that get caught? they have broken the law. they are minors attempting to procure alcohol. why prosecute the people who sell the alcohol to under age decoys. so wise guy go get a life and let this guy go to jail, get out and go back to his old self old grey and tired. i have to go to work now. mantra i must get a life. i must get a life. lets hear it sean. breath deeply exhale slowly. i must get a life. jason whoevers is going to jail. i must get a life. no more spew on hack. i must get a life.

  81. @ “B”urger “K”ing “Morris”

    Your understanding of the law can be summed up quite “simply” and put on the top of a pin, of which you neither have the head nor the point of. That is if we were to make a direct comparison between you and a pin!


    The Social Security number that Jason is using – is his own. That number never belonged to the little boy back in Ohio hence why Jason is not being charged with that violation. So for all of the members of the “Hate Brigade” go suck on that fact for a while.

    Oh I can hear the indignation already! “How dare that Sean Tobin post more facts, curse him… curse him… CURSE HIM!” The above fact actually comes straight down from a U S Marshall. I love facts – how about you?

    Here is another one…

    Go look up the laws as they regard common law names. Try that one on for size you stayed and Stool crowd of Bar room folks – you opinionated Hate Brigadiers. Ah yes another “Inconvenient truth” for the hate brigade!

    Jason never lied about any case he worked on while using his common law name as an officer of the law. In fact everything he said was true – even some of the stuff the State of Oregon decided to not contest – which in my opinion was a mistake. The State of Oregon should have shut some of those bars down in downtown Bend and allowed lawful operators to come on in and do the job right. By “doing the job right” I mean do right by the public by following these easy steps… thus insuring public safety and a good time for all!


    Henceforth the above will be known as “THE MORRIS MANTRA”. Something every one of those in violation of the liquor laws in Bend Oregon should repeat every night before they go to sleep. : P

    Hey Morris – try reading the laws as regards the use of informants and decoys before you decide to write or open your mouth again. The only thing you have done is to remove all doubt!

    Here is another one you might have forgotten since your early school days “MORRIS” – besides the Golden Rule that is. Capitalization – Use it!

    @ “Just the Puff of hot air”

    Math is one of my strong suits – which is one of the reasons why I am AWESOME AT CHESS and why I have AWESOME CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS! Hence why I come up with the figure of “Just the Truth” plus “online anonymous statements” equals “horse pucky”!

    Your analogies are wanting by a long shot. Try thinking about what you are trying to say BEFORE you write it down – otherwise it just comes off as foolish. For example your statement about the businesses of Bend Oregon. You are wrong so often that it becomes hard for me to restrain myself in just picking only ONE of the VERY MANY SUBJECTS you are wrong about. But let us just tackle this one for starters today.

    LOTS OF OPERATORS HAVE NOT HAD PROBLEMS WITH THE OLCC, IN FACT MOST OF THEM HAVE NEVER HAD AN ISSUE! But you do which makes your attacking them very obvious as your motives are quite naked. And it is because you have been in violation of the serving laws that protect the common good – IF ANY OF YOUR ONLINE CLAIMS ARE EVEN REMOTELY TRUE. So I am done with your incessant whinning – got you covered in every one of my previous postings. Class is dismissed – NO FACTS, NO REAL NAME = NO REAL REASON to even bother listening to or reading the commentary of “Just a puff of hot air”. Your exagerated claims mean nothing without substantiation.

    Have a great day everyone and a rocking weekend. And here is a special message from me to all of you… “REMEMBER TO DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!!!!”. Rock on!

  82. I may add to the discussion here. It is yet to be determined that Jason Evers name change is legal under common law. Personally, from the information I have available, I believe it is. However, the legalities are yet to be determined. If Jason Evers name change had fraudulent intent, then the name change is illegal and Jason Evers faces a whole host of other possible charges. At this point, the courts seem to be persuaded that Jason Evers is legally his name. Therefore, the only fraud is really the passport fraud.

    If I may make a slight defense of myself on here. From what I know of Jason Evers, he didn’t act the con man part. In my current job, I regularly deal with con men and the stories they tell. Many of the people I see come across as decent people. Part of my job is to determine who is playing games and who is legitimate. Every con man I’ve encountered is looking to benefit themselves in someway. In my line of work, they are looking for money.

    In the case of Jason Evers, I am unaware of the benefit that he would receive. Arguable, the woman who willed Jason her place, but there are legitimate times when that could result without someone being a conman. Typically con men work for money, power or even women. I don’t think he’s ever ask for money from another person in his life. I can’t say the other two seem follow his MO. Plus most con men, especially those using false names, use those in a short term situation, not 10-14 years. Perhaps you should ask Sean how much money Jason has received from him or what other favors Jason has ask for from Sean.

  83. The Social Security number that Jason is using – is his own. That number never belonged to the little boy back in Ohio hence why Jason is not being charged with that violation. So for all of the members of the “Hate Brigade” go suck on that fact for a while.

    Oh I can hear the indignation already! “How dare that Sean Tobin post more facts, curse him… curse him… CURSE HIM!” The above fact actually comes straight down from a U S Marshall. I love facts – how about you?

    B A L O N E Y…He applied for the SSN in 1997 in Colorado. US Marshalls transport prisoners, they don’t investigate nor are they investugating this case.

    Try again, Loser.

  84. “Perhaps you should ask Sean how much money Jason has received from him or what other favors Jason has ask for from Sean.”

    That’s what I would like to know but as you can see unless he is willing to share, which he isn’t, that will never come out.

    Sean gave Jason money, no doubt in my mind, nor is there any doubt Jason has a pair of red high heels in his closet Sean wore for Jason.

    Not being mean spirited, just what a hunch I believe to be true. If Sean hadn’t claimed to be a male, I would have thought he was a woman. Either way, he is IN LOVE with Jason and not just the friend love.

  85. Sean TOBIN. OHIO has charged him with ID Theft…where have you been and quit bothering the US Marhshall’s office, they are just pulling your idiotic chain.

    You disgust me.

  86. “Just? …the truth?”

    I have you pegged! Man it really bothers you – the truth that is.”

    Miss Tobin,

    LOL I had you pegged after your first limp wristed post. Are you sending Jason love letters in jail, money for his canteen account so he can purchase some good food? LMAO….You twerp. I can’t wait until your lies are caught, it is serious crime to lie to Federal law Officer. Would love to see you in jail. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha You can’t tell the truth, you are a hustler and a pathological liar just like your butt buddy Jason Evers.

    Now, now, what would you do if you had my ISP Sean Tobin? Come get me. Sorry, my style of shoe is a steel toed boot and not red high heels.

    LMAO …

  87. HA! I called it..or did I call it. He is a flippin Russian? No? Are is that an Irish Name? LOL

    Prosecutors identify man who lived on slain boy’s ID as Doitchin Krasev
    By Bryan Denson, The Oregonian
    May 27, 2010, 5:42PM
    John Doe, who went for years by Jason Evers, has been identified as Doitchin Krasev.
    Read continuing coverage of the case against the man who took on Jason Evers’ name.The government has identified the true name of an Oregon liquor control investigator accused of masquerading under the name of a murdered 3-year-old for the past 14 years.


  88. I bet he is from Bosnia………….fled the war..and came here.

    Doitchin Krasev

    Damn, I am good.

  89. I bet 100 bucks this is where he is from.

    The Bosnian War or the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina was an international armed conflict that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina between March 1992 and November 1995. The war involved several sides. According to the numerous International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia judgments the conflict involved Bosnia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (later Serbia and Montenegro) [1] as well as Croatia.[2] According to an International Court of Justice judgment, Serbia gave military and financial support to Serb forces, which consisted of the Yugoslav People’s Army, the Army of Republika Srpska, the Serbian Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Interior of Republika Srpska, and Serb Territorial Defense Forces. Croatia gave military support to Croat forces of the self-proclaimed Croatian Community of Herzeg-Bosnia. Bosnian government forces were led by the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[3] These factions changed objectives and allegiances several times at various stages of the war.

    There was long-standing debate as to whether the conflict was a civil war or a war of aggression. Bosniaks and many Croats, claimed that the war was a war of Serbian and Croatian aggression based on the Karađorđevo agreement, while Serbs often considered it a civil war.[4]

    Following the Srebrenica and Markale massacres, NATO intervened during the 1995 Operation Deliberate Force against the positions of the Army of Republika Srpska, which internationalized the conflict, but only in its final stages.[5] The war was brought to an end after the signing of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Paris on 14 December 1995.[6] Peace negotiations were held in Dayton, Ohio, and were finalized on 21 December 1995. The accords are known as the Dayton Agreement.

    The most recent research places the number of killed people at around 100,000–110,000 and 1.8 million displaced (see Casualties).[7][8][9] The research from June 2007 has shown that most of the 97,207[10] documented casualties (civilians and soldiers) during Bosnian War were Bosniaks (66%), followed by Serbs (25%), Croats (8%) and a small number of others such as Albanians or Romani people.[11] Bosniaks also suffered massive civilian casualties (83%) compared to Serbs (10%) and Croats (5%), which was often followed by systematic rape especially in Eastern Bosnia by Bosnian Serb forces (estimates of the numbers raped range from 20,000 to 50,000 [12][13]). At least 30 percent of the Bosniak civilian victims were women and children[14].

    According to a detailed 1995 report about the war made by the Central Intelligence Agency, 90% of the war crimes of the Bosnian War were committed by Serbs.[15] In 2005, the United States Congress passed a resolution declaring that “the Serbian policies of aggression and ethnic cleansing meet the terms defining genocide”.[16] According to legal experts, as of early 2008, 45 Serbs, 12 Croats and 4 Bosniaks were convicted of war crimes by the ICTY in connection with the Balkan wars of the 1990s.[17] Both Serbs and Croats were indicted and convicted of systematic war crimes (joint criminal enterprise), while Bosniaks were indicted and convicted of individual ones. Some high ranking political leaders of Serbs (Momčilo Krajišnik and Biljana Plavšić) as well as Croats (Dario Kordić) were convicted of war crimes, while some others are presently on trials at the ICTY (Radovan Karadžić and Jadranko Prlić). Genocide is the most serious war crime the Serbs were convicted of, crimes against humanity, a charge second in gravity only to genocide (i.e. ethnic cleansing) for the Croats, and breaches of the Geneva Conventions for the Bosniaks.[18]


  90. Sean Tobin, When are you going to share his war and genocide stories that he shared with you? He fled his country and came to America….100 bucks says I am right again. I knew he was from the other side of the world. He would do anything for money, right? Right.

  91. Just an FYI..I am a baiter, a fisherman of sorts, in case some of you didn’t figure that out. I was here strictly as an Arm Chair Detective. My apologies for my vulgar language at times. It was tough, but sometimes there were no other words to handle Sean Tobin. I hope someone comes along and knocks him off his high horse very soon.

    I am very happy to see the Federal Government has identified Jason Evers. Good Job Boys and Girls!

  92. There is only one Doichin Krastev ( Doitchin Krasev) on Facebook. Wonder if Sean Tobin was one of his friends. LMAO


    Bulgaria (pronounced /bʌlˈɡɛəriə/ ( listen) bul-GAIR-ee-ə; Bulgarian: България, transliterated: Bălgaria, pronounced [bɤ̞lˈɡarijɐ]), officially the Republic of Bulgaria (Република България, transliterated: Republika Bălgarija, [rɛˈpublikɐ bɤ̞lˈɡarijɐ]), is a country in the Balkans in south-eastern Europe. Bulgaria borders five other countries: Romania to the north (mostly along the River Danube), Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south. The Black Sea defines the extent of the country to the east.

  93. I can tell you right now that this guy would not have been able to pull the wool over the good ole boys in South Carolina. NO way, would he pass the buck to be one of our Law Enforcement Officers. Only in Oregon folks.

  94. Sean,

    It seems I struck a nerve. I caught you misquoting one of my posts and instead of acknowledging your mistake, (which could have been an honest one); you attempt to deflect that fact with a mudslinging tirade. To all that post here don’t allow Sean to bait or shame you into signing your posts with your real name. This is a message board, many will agree with you, conversely many will disagree. It only takes one of them to cause you a great deal of hardship, especially if you are a professional that frequently uses your email address to conduct business. It took a single Google search, “sean tobin chess”, to come up with the email address seantobin_2000@yahoo.com. Someone of dubious character could take this email address, use it while logging on to a few porn sites, high profile message boards, etc. and your email address is done. Spam filters will be useless and you will receive hundreds of spam emails daily. You will be forced to change your email address, re-order business cards, change that yellow page ad, contact all business associates, etc. I know you all probably know this; hell my 10 year old nephew knows this. What I find curious is that Sean, who often beats the drum of FREE SPEECH, would suggest that your opinion is only valid if you’re willing to potentially endure the aforementioned nightmare. This is why they have curtains on voting booths. I believe this speaks volumes in regards to Sean Tobin’s character, or lack thereof. He is willing to bait you down a path, booby trapped with severe consequence, if you disagree with him. I’ve reviewed my posts, and while I wish I had used some different verbiage, the essence of what I have stated is honest, truthful, and is founded with over 3 decades of experience. Sean is consumed with a narcissistic opinion of himself, (probably only shared by his mom and himself), that won’t allow him to even consider a viewpoint contrary to his. This is often a trait found in people with low self-esteem. More later………….

  95. If indeed he fled after the war in Bosnia, most of Bosinian’s blamed America for their war and ending that war. The war ended with the help of participation by the United States. These people are very bitter.

  96. Boy was I close. ROFLMAO

    50. UpYours writes:

    Well, Now Ohio is after him…Wow…that just makes my day. ON LOoker, I disagree, you cannot just start using the name of a dead person and it just becomes legal. I am sorry, you are being misled. Thanks for the info on your neck beard. I have been around the world many times and have never seen a case of neck beard, quit like that. He also kinda looks like a Russian to me, perhaps he is a spy. He reminds me of Putin. At any rate, the Authorities will find him out, just to piss him off even more. I would like to know what kind of lifestyle he lived. He rented a home, didn’t own a home, which is strange.

    Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha going do when the cops come for you..
    Go OHIO..Go~!

  97. Okay, at this point I’m closing comments on this post as it has grown to ridiculous proportions and the same arguments are being flamed back and forth with no real progress. Although it has been amusing.

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