More newer places around town

I wrote last week about some of the new(er) stores I found out about downtown(ish), and promised more. Here are a few more:

  • Looney Bean Coffee: A (chain?) coffee shop that took over the old Balay Coffee location at 961 Brooks Street, offset just behind the Pine Tavern. I have no idea what happened to Balay, and a quick Google search doesn’t tell me, either.
  • The Nature of Words: Their sign was on the office space kitty-corner from the Looney Bean/Pine Tavern spot corner, but it was still empty and looked to be in various stages of moving—in, as it turns out: the Downtown Bend blog posted today about their ribbon cutting in that new space (224 NW Oregon) next Tuesday the 27th. Seems like a nice spot, you could pop in to Bend Brewing across the street for a quick beer…
  • MadHappy Lounge: I knew about this one already from seeing the Frequency blog about it—the Bendistillery Martini Bar changed hands and was renamed and retooled a bit. Looks like they’re aiming for a grand re-opening on the 23rd, this Friday.

2 thoughts on “More newer places around town

  1. Meredith has moved Balay and changed the name to “Brain Freeze”…you can get bubble tea now @ Parrilla Grill (by the Flaming Chicken) on the patio (there is a small kitchen attached to the deck). She also sells Hawaiian shaved ice & smoothies:)

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