TuckMo’s Subs and Sandwiches

A couple of times recently I’ve been wandering around Borden’s Corner on the eastside (home of Longboard Louie’s East, and next door to Double Happiness), and I’d seen the building that housed Indigo’s (I think it was Indigo’s that was there previously) had a “coming soon” sign up for something called “TuckMo’s Subs and Sandwiches.” Beyond that name, though, I didn’t know anything about it (nor did I remember to look it up later—apparently my mental note taking needs some pen-and-paper backup.)

But tonight Google News links me to this just-released press release that gives us all the details:

Bend, Oregon has added a new restaurant, TuckMo Subs and Sandwiches, locally owned by Mark and Jamie Carothers and managed by sons, Tucker and Morgan, at the corner of Highway 20 and Dean Swift Road in Bend alongside Longboard Louie’s East, expanding the menu of dining options for Bend’s eastside residents, students and professionals.

TuckMo’s signature subs are made-to-order with only the freshest, ingredients on local bakery breads. Carothers and his boys recommend trying the cold subs “TuckMo style”, with TuckMo’s combination of lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, oil, vinegar, herbs, and spices.

TuckMo Subs and Sandwiches will be inviting the public in for a free compact sub and medium fountain drink at its “Opening Taster” Event on Saturday, September, 4th between 10am and 3pm at its new location: 62090 Dean Swift Road, Bend, 97701.
TuckMo is now officially open to the public from 10am – 7pm Monday through Friday, and from 10:00am to 3:00pm on weekends.

The language of the press release makes it sound like it’s a chain restaurant, or at least the start of one. I don’t know about that, but I’ll be curious to try their food sometime, especially since the Eastside could really use another sandwich shop besides Subway.

6 thoughts on “TuckMo’s Subs and Sandwiches

  1. In addition to the Subway and Quizno’s, there’s also a Schlotzsky’s just up the road. And, technically, the Port of Subs is on the east side, although it may be considered north end of town, instead.

  2. I tried the Hot Veggie sandwich and it was great. I’m not a big fan of onions but I like to try things as they were created before I start disecting it and I wouldn’t change a thing. If you haven’t tried them out yet, give em a shot.

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