2010 Bend WebCAM next week

AdFed of Central Oregon’s annual web/marketing/social conference hits Bend Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 at the Tower Theatre and Oxford Hotel. This conference offers a left brain, right brain or mix track for those looking to keep up to speed with the latest trends in design, social and SEO marketing.

From their website:

Attracting some of the most dynamic speakers and innovative thinkers from the West Coast and across the country, the Bend WebCAM invites attendees to explore mind-blowing topics on three different tracks. The Left Brain (aka “Geek”) track dives into the technical, the logical and cutting edge methods of communication, such as social media, SEO, mobile marketing, etc. The Right Brain (aka “Chic”) track focuses on the creative, the emotional, the imaginative messages of communication, including advertising, design, copywriting, brand development, etc. And finally, the Hybrid – Super Freak track merges the two ways of thinking into a synergistic gumbo, enriching anyone involved in the Web and Creative & Marketing industries, especially those who realize the inseparability of technology and creativity in a successful 21st Century business plan. Set amidst the fresh air, stunning natural beauty and casually sophisticated atmosphere of Bend, Oregon, it all clicks.

Kudos to the organizers for nabbing the creative genius behind the latest viral Old Spice campaign as well as the “Got Milk” campaign.

Tickets are available via their website.

3 thoughts on “2010 Bend WebCAM next week

  1. I’m thrilled to be able to see this caliber of speakers in Bend! Usually have to go far and wide to see these folks at all the big web and creative conferences. Please support this event by attending or telling your friends if you’d like to keep it going in Bend Oregon for years to come.

  2. A wealth of knowledge meeting in Bend (you don’t have to drive over the mountains or pay for a hotel room). Don’t miss this conference!

  3. Last year I geeked out and learned a ton from the SEO track at Bend WebCAM. This year, I’m really looking forward to hearing some of the creative and hybrid speakers like Jason Bagley from the Old Spice campaign! What a great marketing conference to have right here in Bend!

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