On breweries in the Bulletin

I was briefly quoted in the Sunday Bulletin in the article about the new breweries cropping up here in Central Oregon. It’s a nice article, if you get the dead-tree version of the newspaper itself: the article is online behind their paywall so I can’t link you to it.

The reporter, David Holley, contacted me earlier in the week and we chatted a few minutes about the impending breweries and the local beer scene; due in larger part to my beer blog than this one. You’ll find the quote from me in the third-to-last paragraph, and you might get the impression that I don’t speak entirely coherently in real life:

“You cross any of the breweries at any given time, it’s always busy, there’s always something happening,” said Jon Abernathy, who runs a few local online blogs, including www.thebrewsite.com. “Maybe there is no end in sight.”

I don’t know what “cross any of the breweries” means exactly, because I’m reasonably certain I was talking about visiting them instead. I’ll say some goofy things sometimes, but this one I don’t remember. 🙂