Building Dialog in an Age of Demons

If you went to Ignite Bend 5 (or watched the live stream) then you probably saw Robert Killen’s fantastic talk, “Dialog in the Age of Demons”. Cool to see that he’s taking an idea that was originally a five-minute talk and taking it to the next level!

We live in a society in which civil dialog has been replaced by demonization. No one can be blamed, yet the responsibility to address it belongs to all of us. How do we break free of a process which perpetuates ill-gotten power and labels collaboration a weakness? Explore this critical issue with Robert Killen in an interactive workshop titled “Building Dialog in an Age of Demons” at the Bend Public Library on Thursday, October 7th from 5:30 – 7:00pm.

Looks like the event is sponsored by City Club of Central Oregon via it’s child site, CivilSay. It’s a nonpartisan group – has anyone ever attended one of their events?