Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Hat tip to The Source for posting this: the Rocky Horror Picture Show is screening at the Tower Theatre for a one night Halloween event (I naturally assume it’s for Halloween). It starts at 10pm (“Time Warp” lessons at 9:30) and is only $10 admission.

And yes, this is a live show—though if you’ve never been to a Rocky Horror showing, it’s not live as in “on stage,” but rather, audience participation: the movie plays on the screen, while actors perform the movie in real time and audience members throw items at the screen, dance, and so on. Costumes are encouraged. (I’m a little surprised that the Tower would go along with a live Rocky Horror…)

It’s a 21-and-older event, and if you get the chance to go, you should; if you’ve never been, you definitely should.

5 thoughts on “Rocky Horror Picture Show!

  1. I think Tower knows what they’re in for… they’ve been doing this event for years! I’ve never attended, but I’ve seen it in the events section of the paper every year for quite a long time.

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