Halloween Party at the Riverside Market

This Halloween (on a Sunday this year), the Riverside Market is holding a free, all-ages Halloween party from 2 until 6pm. It sounds like a lot of fun—here’s the press blurb they sent out:

Leaves are crunching underfoot and the nights are frosty, which can only mean one thing, Halloween is right around the corner! The Riverside Market is excited to host a family party on this most spooky of days.  One-man maestro Right On John will be swinging through to provide entertainment, and there will be a costume contest for kids, adults and DOGS to be judged at 3:30. Bring carved pumpkins for judging, kids can paint theirs at the Market, bob for apples, bash the heck out of a piñata, and more fun! Hot cider and food and drink specials will warm you up for trick-or-treating in the Old Bend Neighborhood!

2 thoughts on “Halloween Party at the Riverside Market

  1. Typical Bend Fashion, No address listed, Whats the matter with you people? You will probably complain later that turnout was small so you will not do it next year,
    How about posting an address so you get better turnout?

    Just a thought,

  2. Scott, were you not able to click through to the Riverside Market’s webpage? They have the address (and a Google Map) clearly listed on their contact page.

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