Central Oregon Magazine’s Best of 2010 survey

It’s time for another “Best Of” list, this time from Central Oregon Magazine. They have their survey online for the Best of 2010 reader’s choice awards, and promise to run the results in their Winter (January) issue. They have lots of eclectic categories (“Most Popular Plastic Surgeon”, “Best Local Rumor”, “Best Receptionist”) as well as the old standbys.

There’s also what strikes me as a more stringent winning requirement: a minimum of 200 votes must be cast in a category to declare a winner. I don’t know if that makes it more legitimate than other local “Best Of” lists, but I do have to wonder if there are enough people to vote on “Most Popular Plastic Surgeon” to count…

One thought on “Central Oregon Magazine’s Best of 2010 survey

  1. There will be enough if breast cancer survivors see the list — the most cosmetic breast surgery performed in C.O. is on cancer survivors.

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