Spork is closing for the winter

The mobile street food vendor Spork sent out their weekly e-news with an update on their winter schedule—said schedule being “closed” as the cold weather and holidays move in.

[E]ffective today for the next three months thru February we’re going to take the trailer offline except for special events and/or if we get a wild hair or something. We’re booking holiday parties, events and catering requests as we speak so get in touch if you want to inquire about something along those lines.

Also coming soon … we’re going to be doing a few guerilla dinners or pop-up restaurant style dinner parties where we take over an INDOOR space and use it for the evening. Details on those will be coming soon and we’re really excited about that. Plus Jeff has been involved in a number of fundraising dinners and events this year and we’ll have details about more of those as they come in.

We’d all really like to say THANK YOU for being amazing and for being open to our funky approach. We’re halfway through our 2nd year and everything’s been going really really well and we’ve had a great time and have been honored to hang with y’all and plan to be cooking up good stuff soon.