More downtown restaurant drama

I don’t know if “drama” is the right word but I cribbed it from an earlier Source article so it seems to fit. Remember how Giuseppe’s closed and was going to re-open as “Bond Street Bar and Grill”? Well as it turns out, the Decoy Bar and Grill apparently already had a lock on the name and announced they were changing their name to “Bond Street Grill.”

(Which, according to their website, looks to already have happened.)

The Source posted more details yesterday, noting that rather than contest the issue, the Giuseppe’s/BSBG folks are going instead with the name “Caldera Grill.”

I rather like the name “Caldera”, and I rather liked the name “Decoy” for the other restaurant; to me “Bond Street XYZ” seems rather bland and I can’t imagine why the Decoy owners would want to change.

And in totally-unrelated-to-Bond-Street restaurant news, it appears that El Jimador was also sold—to Gavin McMichaels of the Blacksmith. The Source article I linked to above did have a note about that in that same article—but weirdly, it’s since been changed, even since this morning. What’s the deal? Here’s a Google cache version of that same entry, and here’s the paragraph that’s now missing:

Another restaurant that was rumored to have changed ownership last week was El Jimador. The Mexican joint on NW Wall Street has allegedly been sold to Gavin McMichaels of the Blacksmith, Bourbon Street and Marz Bistro. We hear El Jimador may become a Chinese restaurant and while we’ll miss the location’s margaritas, we can’t help but be excited for Chinese we don’t have to trek across town for.

No indication of why they redacted that paragraph, though I suppose it’s because this could have panned out as simply an unfounded rumor. Anyone know what’s going on with El Jimador?