83Music, new local, regional music website

Want to break free from “the shackles of top 40 (music) mediocrity?” That’s exactly what founder Ethan Maffey did earlier this fall with the launch of local, regional music website 83Music.

Many in Bend know Ethan for his Ignite Bend 4 presentation “100 live in 2009” about traveling the northwest, going to shows and experiencing some of the best up and coming acts along with legends like John Mayer and Wilco (my husband and I were lucky enough to sit front row with Maffey at Wilco’s 2009 Britt Pavilion show).

The website’s mission:

Founded with the mission of supporting artists who make meaningful music and inspiring audiences to stop putting mass produced, cookie cutter artists into their lives; 83Music believes the adage, “you are what you eat”, is just as true when it comes to the kind of music you listen to. Within the pages of 83Music,  you will find the best the world has to offer. Music made by wildly creative people who have hearts to share and the talent to back it all up. We offer listening alternatives to the typically simplistic top 40 bands and artists available.

The site features reviews of concerts and new releases, spin of the week along with featured friends and coming soon — apparel you can purchase.

To get updates on site content, make sure you follow 83Music on Twitter or become a fan of their Facebook page.

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