Allyson’s Kitchen is closing

Allyson’s Kitchen in the Old Mill District is closing this week; they just posted the release on their site and Facebook today.

Allyson’s Kitchen will be closing its Bend store location as of the end of business on Friday, December 31, citing repercussions from the recession and debt from the original owners as the main reasons for the closure. The store‚Äôs flagship location in Ashland, Oregon will remain open, and gift card holders can redeem cards at that store, via telephone or online at

The Bend store will be offering merchandise on clearance this week, but the deli will be closed as of Tuesday, December 28. The team plans to hold one final Friday night wine tasting on December 31.

2 thoughts on “Allyson’s Kitchen is closing

  1. We were there today and most of it was picked over. Lots of things are NOT for sale – they plan on shipping it to another store. I wonder what, if anything, is going into that space.

  2. Blaming the previous owner for the debt that AK of Bend is in is not only lame and unfair, but also untrue. After Lynn took over the company, alot of people (including the Holts) were let go. A lot of customers were upset about that and quit shopping there. I’m not surprised it’s out of business.

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