Horse-drawn beer tour

If there was any one thing that could have further cemented Bend’s reputation as a go-to beer destination, this is not what I would have predicted: we now have a horse-drawn beer tour.

If you’re driving in downtown Bend and suddenly feel like you’re in a certain brand’s beer commercial, don’t worry, you’re not seeing things — it’s Bend’s new horse-drawn beer tour, a different-horsepower version of Bend’s popular Ale Trail.

Bend’s Well-traveled Fork joined forces with the Cowboy Carriage Co. to kick off the new service, which debuted Sunday.

As part of the brew tour, they’ll also serve up some tasty lunch grub, prepared by chef Bette Fraser, and chat with horse conductor Ryan Moeggenberg.

Seems like an odd thing to start in the dead of winter…

3 thoughts on “Horse-drawn beer tour

  1. We started this tour as a fresh, different way to visit the breweries on the Bend Ale Trail. Yep, it’s winter. I suppose we could have waited for the picture perfect day in July, but we embrace all the seasons in Central Oregon. And, there is nothing quite like tippin’ back a few with the snow in your face and snuggled in a warm blanket while trottin’ down the streets of Bend. Join us and you’ll see!

  2. Cowboy Carriage started in August of last year and having the horses around town has been well received. The Downtown Association has been very helpful and encouraging along with Bend PD. We have been at several events around town including Octoberfest, Munch and Movies and the Farmers Markets in downtown and NWX. On Jan. 15 we are going to be at the Central Oregon Wedding Show at the Riverhouse with our wedding carriage.

    Before the logging industry was mechanized it was these types of horses that moved logs out of the forest and to the Deschutes so that they could be floated to the mill. Most people are very interested in the history of the horses and love the ‘Old West’ feel they get to experience. I wish there were still hitchin’ posts around downtown!

    People often make comments about the “Budweiser Clydesdales” when they see us. Our horses are Percherons but they are just as big as Clydesdales! The Bend Ale Trail is the next logical step in the services that we offer. Visit Bend is about to unveil iPhone and Android apps for the Bend Ale Trail. We needed to do a tour with friends to make sure that it will work well with the breweries. With some blankets and Chef Bette’s warm soup and drinks the cold weather didn’t bother us at all. The amount of interest we have received since our interview KTVZ suggests that maybe it isn’t such an odd thing to do in the dead of winter. Many of us are here to enjoy the winters in Central Oregon, right?

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