Bend Brewing/10 Barrel update

There’s an update to the changes I blogged about yesterday with 10 Barrel and Bend Brewing—namely BBC head brewer Tonya Cornett being hired on with 10 Barrel. Bend Brewing posted on Facebook today:

Bend Brewing Company announces that Brewmaster, Tonya Cornett, will take a second brewing position with Ten Barrel later this year. She will remain Head Brewmaster at BBC overseeing all brewing production and ensuring the consistent quality we have been known for. We are excited for Tonya and this opportunity and want all of our loyal guests to know that nothing will change at the BBC.

And Cornett followed up with essentially the same note:

As most of you have learned, I have accepted a position with 10 Barrel Brewing. I will however oversee the daily operation and quality control for Bend Brewing. It is important for all of you to know that I have vested interest as well as a strong commitment to my BBC family. This decision will have no impact on the quality of the beer that Bend Brewing is known for. Please join us on Feb. 4th for the bottle release party for Lovely Cherry Baltic. It is the beer I am most proud of!

This is more interesting to me than just simple “changing jobs” news, but either way I’m glad we’ll still be getting more of Cornett’s beers here in Bend!

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