Online registration for Bend Park and Rec

I got this nice little note to pass along to all those parents who register their kids for activities through Bend Park & Recreation District.

Big News! …..Bend Park & Recreation District is opening up summer registration for their recreation programs online on March 17th for district residents and April 1st for those who live outside the district. This is a big change. Normally, programs open in May. So, now you’ll have an extra month to plan what your kids will be doing this summer. Go online and be green on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. To register go to

Happy registering, Bendites!

2 thoughts on “Online registration for Bend Park and Rec

  1. Unfortunately, short of pulling Google Analytics entirely, there’s nothing I can do if it stalls on the site; it’s a Google-hosted service and I don’t have any control if Google is having trouble loading though the code shouldn’t prevent the rest of the page from loading.

    And I haven’t seen any problems; are you seeing this continuously, or did it just happen intermittently? If it seems to be a larger problem, I’ll see what I can do to correct it.

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