Troubles at The Spice Box?

If you’re familiar with the Spice Box—an Indian-cuisine restaurant over on Century Drive—you might be interested to know they’ve apparently been having some troubles of late, according to their Facebook page. (Brian, a reader, pointed this out.)

Apparently they were closing on February 1st for spring cleaning, and (according to their Facebook posts), they were locked out by their landlord under unknown circumstances. The last update was on the 11th, so the current situation is unknown. Any other readers know?

2 thoughts on “Troubles at The Spice Box?

  1. Via a fairly reliable source: Spicebox is temporarily closed as the laundymat that shares the ventilation system was receiving complaints from patrons, that their clothing was coming back smelling of Indian food. I know it sounds crazy – but it does make sense.

    So until they can sort out how to resolve the problem, the restaurant is in temporary closure.

    Hope they sort it out soon. Spicebox is delicious.

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