What’s up with El Jimador?

I noticed not too long ago that El Jimador, the Mexican restaurant downtown on the corner of Franklin and Wall, was closed, and the windows papered over, and yesterday reader Jeff submitted the same question:

Any idea what is happening with El Jimador on the corner of NW Wall Street by Pizza Mondo and 5 Fusion?

They were closed in late February for spring cleaning and signs in the windows say reopening March 1. Still closed as of this weekend. Brown paper still covers the windows.

And, don’t forget that back in December I had blogged a rumor about El J that had been redacted from The Source:

Another restaurant that was rumored to have changed ownership last week was El Jimador. The Mexican joint on NW Wall Street has allegedly been sold to Gavin McMichaels of the Blacksmith, Bourbon Street and Marz Bistro. We hear El Jimador may become a Chinese restaurant and while we’ll miss the location’s margaritas, we can’t help but be excited for Chinese we don’t have to trek across town for.

I rather doubt the McMichael rumor—I suspect he’s keeping plenty busy with Gatsby’s that just opened (not to mention Bourbon Street and The Blacksmith). But you never know.

Anyone have any insight? Ideas? Inside knowledge?

One thought on “What’s up with El Jimador?

  1. In the last week, the brown paper has come down from the windows, but El Jimador remains closed. A stepladder and several boxes litter the aisle.

    Perhaps we should start a conspiracy theory that the ventilation system over at Spice Box (which announced earlier in March that it will be relocating and reopening sometime in the future) is affecting El Jimador too? 🙂

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