NCAA Tournament Pick ’em

Every year Jake over at runs a college basketball “Tournament Pick ’em” contest with lots of great prizes, that’s free to join. He’s doing it again this year, and it’s bigger than ever:

Selection Sunday is coming up on March 13 and then it’s time for offices all over the country to create office pools for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship (and for workplace productivity to grind to a halt). And it’s time for the readers of this site to compete for bragging rights (and some great prizes) in the sixth-annual Tournament Pick ‘Em. Last years contest info was here with final scoring here. babbage is looking to defend his title.

This year we’ve partnered up with Central Oregon Athlete to bring more exposure to the whole thing and to try and gather up some more prizes. I’ve known Josh at COA for well over a decade, and he knows his sports better than anybody around here, so I figured this would be a perfect partnership.

It’s free to play, and doesn’t require you to know anything about college basketball.

There are a ton of great prizes available, click over to check them out and read up on the rules. And remember, it’s totally free to play.