Ernesto’s space reopening (with beer)!

Back in 2009 I wrote a speculative post asking what to do about old empty restaurant spaces around town. Interestingly, three of those five spaces are now filled, and the fourth is on its way—the old Ernesto’s building, which The Source is reporting this week will be the new Brew Shop with a pub.

The owners of The Brew Shop, aka the homebrew shop on Division, have signed a lease for the iconic Ernesto’s building on Third Street. Owner Tom Gilles said he and his partners signed a lease earlier this week that will allow them to open an expanded brew shop and basement pub in the Ernesto’s building by early summer, depending on how their city permitting process goes.

Gilles said the space needs some minor remodeling to suit their needs, but is largely ready to go. The building will allow the Brew Shop to add to its existing inventory, upping the shop’s supply of grains and other accessories that Bend’s growing homebrew community desires. The Brew Shop will also be bringing over its walk-in cooler and expansive collection of bottled microbrews that Bend beer lovers know is unrivaled among Central Oregon suds purveyors.

Nothing but good news here; although I am having a hard time imagining how the main (restaurant) level of the former, er, restaurant would work as a retail brewing supply store. But the downstairs pub space is a great space and will be well utilized, I’m quite sure.

Also, I’m assuming this means the old Brew Shop location on NE Division will be closing, though I haven’t yet seen this confirmed.

One thought on “Ernesto’s space reopening (with beer)!

  1. When I was in the brew shop the other day they told me about it, but I have been too busy to post about it. Yes, they are moving so the Division location will close. The guys are really pumped about it so I think it will go well. The beers on tap will be comparable to what is offered at Abbey on the west side. I’m looking forward to it.

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