Chan’s is open again

Today marks the first day that Chan’s Chinese Restaurant is (finally) open again; I first saw the new yesterday on one of The Source blogs:

Yesterday, while driving south on 3rd St., I longingly glanced over to the right when I was getting close to¬†Chan’s Chinese Restaurant to check their reader board in hopes there would be good news. After months of waiting and wishing, I was pleased to see the sign read, “Reopen on Monday”. I just had to be sure, so on my way home I again drove past, read the sign and snapped this terrible quality photo, which boasts excellent news.

Their website confirms it. And even better yet, on Twitter today, Hans (@bend_boy) reports on the lunch special this week:

Time Travel¬†#inbend: Chan’s reopening today, offering $2.25 lunch special item this wk. Same price as 1986. Full menu:

That’s a good deal, but even their regular price of $5.95 for lunch is hard to beat.

One thought on “Chan’s is open again

  1. Today was Ginger Garlic Chicken, a new dish. Don’t know what the $2.25 special is tomorrow, but I definitely need to make it down there this week.

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