Everclear at the Century Center, July 22

Music news that I hadn’t touched on yet but that I thought was cool was that Portland-based Everclear was going to be playing the Century Center on July 22. It’s presented by 92.9 FM, and The Source has the preliminary info.

Personally I like Everclear, but I know there’s also the notion that they’re a washed-up ’90s band. Thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Everclear at the Century Center, July 22

  1. washed up 90s band that wasnt even that good in the 90s. basically a joke now. 92.9 built this one up way too much.

  2. Are they planning to actually sell any of these tickets? I’m betting that if they want a crowd, they are going to have to give them away. I doubt even that will guarantee good showing.

  3. I agree with brrr. Had high hopes about other bands coming. Hard to believe that Everclear is really that big of a deal any more. In fact their last release was a rehash of their older music with less energy. More of a fade away… (and hope they go away before they tainted any more fond memories of them – if you had any to begin with).

  4. to derfs point they’re already giving away tickets on the radio station and the show isn’t until july22. fans of that station better be prepare to hear a LOT of everclear over the next 3 months, or rather a LOT of the 5 everclear songs 92.9 is willing to play. yikes.

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