Bend Yogurt Factory

How many self-serve frozen yogurt shops does Bend need, do you think? There’s Cuppa Yo on the westside, and soon to be opening a second location on the eastside, and the eastside Goodies already has self-serve frozen yogurt too. To those three add a fourth soon: the Bend Yogurt Factory, as reported in yesterday’s Bulletin.

Anne and Timothy Barrans, who also own a Snap Fitness gym in northeast Bend, plan to open the yogurt shop in mid-June in the space formerly occupied by Di Lusso Bakery Café. [On the corner of Franklin and Bond downtown]

Seven serving machines will be installed in “a giant yogurt wall,” and a wide range of toppings will be available, she said.

3 thoughts on “Bend Yogurt Factory

  1. Frozen Yogurt was all the rage back in the 80’s. Of course it was that good – full fat – stuff. I’ve only had Cuppa Yo once and wasn’t impressed, by the taste of the healthier type they had.

  2. truth on full fat, I’dargue its healthier anyway. But when are we gonna get a froyo place on the south end of town peoples?!?!

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