Hot Buttered Trivia

If you haven’t yet made it to the Kurera Pub Quiz at The Summit, you will want to be there tomorrow night. This month my team is taking a break from our long winning streak and we have written the questions for this go-around.

Here’s some info from Kurera’s Facebook page:

“The Kurera Fund was founded in 2009 when founder Claire O’Connor was working as a volunteer teacher in Rwanda and realized that several students were excluded from class for non payment of fees. The goal of the fund is to raise money to support these students so they can complete their studies.”

And about the pub quiz:

“Team trivia competition. Answer questions in rounds of different categories. Maximum 5 players per team. $40 per team donation to the Kurera Fund, providing scholarships for students in Rwanda.”

Be there at 6:30 to get your team registered and take advantage of happy hour. Drinks and trivia? Who doesn’t want to spend an evening having that kind of fun?

3 thoughts on “Hot Buttered Trivia

  1. Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with?
    If you’re on the fence about attending, throw caution to the wind and show up! It’s FUN!

  2. Long winning streak? I guess it has been a while since my team has played, or should I say “dominated” pub quiz night! It sure is fun!

  3. Cash Cab won last night after a really fun game. I hear that next month’s event will have some special surprises since it’s the last one until the fall. June 7th – get your teams together now and be there!

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