Bend film from 1967

This has been making the rounds online today (my wife sent it to me, and I’ve seen it posted elsewhere on Twitter and Facebook): a video clip of an 8mm movie of driving through Bend in 1967. From the description:

The movie begins at the north “Y” and goes south down US 97 (3rd Street) to Safeway at the corner of Franklin. Then it turns west on Franklin past Murry Holt on the left.

It goes under the underpass and past the old hospital site on the right. The motels (Uptown and City Center) and the service stations are mostly or all gone.

Then it turns right on Bond and left on Greenwood to get a nice view of the old Pilot Butte Inn. The Inn was closed by this time, and the furnishings were on sale (red sign)

Then the movie takes us along Wall Street and turns down toward Drake Park.

Definitely interesting and a cool glimpse of a part of Bend as it was over 40 years ago.

There’s also a link on that page (by the same user) to an extended drive down Wall Street (good view of east and west sides of the street), and another of driving through Sisters from the west in the same year (likely the same trip). Boy, Sisters has changed quite a bit in almost 45 years.

One thought on “Bend film from 1967

  1. These are so cool! I hope the local museum gets copies of both of these films. Still photos are good, but these really give the look and feel of the area during the late 1960’s. The thing that struck me is how many gas stations there were, I mean, it seemed like every view had at least two or three in it!

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