Central Oregon Homebrewers Spring Fling competition

Home beer brewers! The annual Spring Fling homebrewing competition put on by the Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization (COHO) is coming up on June 4th (a Saturday), and is open to all who want to submit their homebrew. It’s the only officially-sanctioned homebrewing competition (by the Beer Judge Certification Program) in Central Oregon which gives winners prestige in beer geek circles.

If you’re interested in entering, the deadline is May 27th, and you’ll need to submit two bottles (12 or 16 ounce only) of your beer per entry, at a cost of $6 (also per entry). Submissions should be dropped off at the Brew Shop. The bottles have to be label-free and have blank or otherwise blacked out caps. Hit the Spring Fling page for all the details, including the official entry forms you can print out.