Pita Pit is closed

Today’s Bulletin reported on the closure of downtown’s Pita Pit restaurant; however unlike many closures of late, this one isn’t necessarily due to poor business. Rather, it seems there is a dispute between the business and the landlord.

According to the notice, the landlord, Beck Bakery Building LLC, terminated the lease of Pita Pit of Central Oregon LLC. Anyone who enters the business at 806 N.W. Brooks Alley without the landlord’s consent is trespassing, according to the June 16 notice. The landlord also has a lien on the contents, it says, and may keep the contents until the “rent and advances is paid.”

Obviously there is no word yet on when (and if) Pita Pit will re-open.

7 thoughts on “Pita Pit is closed

  1. They’re asking for $121,806?!?! What, did Pita Pit open and just never pay rent? Even so, they’ve been there for around 2 years? That’s $5075/month.

    1. Probably the remainder of their lease. Rents are high downtown. Two to three years left would give a monthly rate between $3383 and $5075, which is typical for that location, especially if rates were locked in a couple years ago.

  2. Hmm, bummer, i didn’t go there often (I don’t eat out often anywhere) but i really enjoyed their food, for what it is. I hope they re-open somewhere else.

    I guess that explains why they were closed Sunday when i biked over there after church. I was having a craving and was so excited to get there then they were closed!

  3. Interesting, but not a huge lost. Pita Pit = Subway with Pita’s. Bland, lack of ingenuity, cookie cutter….not very good at all, imo.

  4. I was greatly disappointed to hear of Pita Pit’s closing, I like them a lot more than Subway.

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