Lunch Bites: Super Burrito (eastside)

This is pretty much an eastside restaurant mini-review feature that I’ll be running periodically. You can view my “lunch bite” critera at this first post.

Prompted by a comment on my first Lunch Bites post, I decided to get lunch from Super Burrito today—from their eastside location in the former A&W space in the Chevron station and minimart on east Highway 20.

I hadn’t eaten at Super Burrito since they were in their old space downtown on Minnesota Avenue, right before they close (back in 2007). Now, of course, they are primarily located next door to Alpenglow Cafe on Wall Street, and opened their second location out east last year. I always enjoyed their food before, so it was a good opportunity to check out this new location.

It still shows all the signs of being an A&W: orange and brown colors with a “soda fountain” feel to the interior. They’ve decorated a bit to give it more of a Mexican flair, and there’s plenty of space and seating. Complimentary chips and water is available too.

The best part is the price for food though: $5 for almost any of the large number of burritos on their menu (a few run a bit higher), and cheaper prices for most everything else. I ordered a steak fajita burrito for $5, and walked out perfectly happy: the burrito was huge, the guy at the counter was friendly and prompt, and everything overall was quick: I was in and out (taking lunch back to the office) in under 10 minutes.

And let me tell you, that burrito was delicious: grilled steak mixed with onions and peppers all rolled into the crisp tortilla with beans and sauce, with plenty of green and red sauce on the side. I enjoyed every bite, and was filled up; you could probably easily get away with eating half and still be satisfied.

So, Super Burrito Eastside: quick, friendly, huge portions, and delicious. Definitely worth the price, and worth your time for lunch if you’re on that side of town.

4 thoughts on “Lunch Bites: Super Burrito (eastside)

  1. My experience with burritos in Bend hasn’t been that great. So far the best has been Rigoberto’s and even that leaves things to be desired. Of course, I “grew up” on burritos from the bay area in California. Good to know about this place though, I will check it out. Oh, always make sure to rate your burritos at

    1. another note, i did try super burrito next to alpenglow. I was very disappointed. The burrito didn’t even come with race by default, and it was rather bland.

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