Lunch Bites: TuckMo

This is pretty much an eastside restaurant mini-review feature that I’ll be running periodically. You can view my “lunch bite” critera at this first post.

Last Friday I decided to hit up TuckMo on the eastside to see what they had to offer. We had eaten there once before but I couldn’t remember the exact details, so it was high time to check them out again.

TuckMo is a sandwich and sub shop, with all of the sandwiches made fresh to order and featuring locally-baked breads. They occupy the corner building in the Borden’s Corner development, in the space formerly occupied by Indigo’s and sharing the building with Stark’s Vacuums, right across the lot from Longboard Louie’s.

Prices on subs range from $4.95 for a “compact” sandwich (four inches) to $6.95 for “classics” (eight inches) to over $9 for a “colossal” sandwich (I think a full footlong). They also offer a variety of regular sandwiches starting at $5.95 (for the grilled cheese) and going up from there, as well as salads and soups. It’s pretty standard sandwich shop fare, I think, and I’ve heard no bad reviews from anyone (nor experience any myself thus far).

There was a bit of a wait as they were moderately busy with the lunch rush, but nothing daunting. I ordered the Number 5 for $6.95, a roast turkey breast and ham sub with provolone, “TuckMo Style” (with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar and spices). The staff was very friendly, making the sandwich up fresh, and once I’d ordered it was prepared quickly and I was out the door and back to the office in about 15 minutes (total).

The sandwich itself was pretty tasty, and the bread was especially good—very fresh and soft—and the “TuckMo Style” is a definite add-on you should get. To be honest $6.95 is a bit higher than I’d liked to have spent (remember I’m on the hunt for cheap deals) and I didn’t add on chips and a drink for $2, but it was a good sandwich that is worth the price.

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  1. If you’d had cut out the coupon in the Smart Shopper, you’d have gotten the compact/chips/drink for $5…just sayin’ 😉

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