The Brew Shop beer sale

Back at the end of March I blogged about how the Brew Shop was taking over the old Ernesto’s space on Third Street. Well, that’s finally about to happen, and to assist in the move, the Brew Shop is offering a big sale on their current beer in stock:

As you well may know The Brew Shop is planning on moving soon to a new location. This new location is located at 1203 NE 3rd St. (Ernesto’s Building)

We have run into a problem though. Next Wednesday our cooler is being disassembled and the beer is getting packed up Tuesday. So how are we going to move all this beer?

This is where our great customers come in. We will be having a moving sale starting tomorrow August 4th and running through next Monday August 8th. All beer will be marked down 15%.

They stock some really good beers there, so this is a good deal; you can take advantage of this sale over at their current location at 2524 NE Division.

3 thoughts on “The Brew Shop beer sale

  1. Sounds cool! If they haven’t already thought of it, I hope they see this and consider re-opening the old lounge downstairs and make it so you can buy beer, get a cold glass and sit and relax if you don’t want to buy it to go.

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