Bend Roots Revival (2011)

Bend Roots RevivalThis weekend is the biggest free music event in Central Oregon: the Bend Roots Revival (Facebook page), the “festival that celebrates and showcases the diverse musical, artistic and cultural character of our community” which spans three days, the 23rd through the 25th (Friday through Sunday), and over 100 different acts and workshops to participate in.

The action takes place at the Century Center (70 SW Century Drive) and there’s a Thursday night kick-off at the Victorian Cafe and Parilla Grill (the original birthplace of BRR at 14th and Galveston). The schedule of events is mind-boggling in its scope.

And of course the best part (as I mentioned) is that it’s free—and family friendly. Great music, good venue, good food and drink available, and a ton of choices; that’s tough to beat.

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