Delivering for Dogs

You know how you run out of dog food at the most inopportune time? Or is that just me? Do you ever wonder if your dog is getting the right nutrition? I know that one isn’t just me.  The answer to both of these questions is Orion’s Choice.

I ran across this business a few weeks ago at the Feed the People fundraiser. John Regan was manning the booth and I asked him about my dogs’ “special” needs. They’re Boston Terriers and their special talent is being gassy. Like I come home sometimes and my whole house smells like one big fart. John explained to me that most commercial dog foods have fillers that cause these problems. He seemed to know his stuff so I took a card and a sample and went on my way.

I ran out of dog food over the weekend. Buying dog food is the last thing I want to do on a weekend or a Monday. Weekends are too fun and Mondays are too busy. So I called Orion’s Choice and placed my order. John showed up at my door the very next day with my order. So easy!!

The pups have only had a couple of meals of their new food so far, but I think I can tell a difference in their odor output already. Delivery and less gas? I’ll be placing my next order with Orion’s.

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