Ignite Bend ticket giveaway

Ignite BendIgnite Bend is this Wednesday, the 28th, and if you were interested in going but missed out on the initial ticket “sales” (they are always free, and earlier this month they sold out in an hour!), then you might be in luck. I have two extra tickets for Ignite and I’ll be doing a drawing to give them away here on the blog.

Here’s how it works: leave a comment on this post and make sure you’ve entered a valid email, and then sometime on the morning of Wednesday the 28th I’ll randomly draw a name from the comments. I’ll email the printable PDF tickets (I’ll send the full EventBrite email in case you have troubles with the PDF files) to you, and you can either print them out and bring them, or be able to show the tickets on your smartphone at the door.

(You’ll get your winning name announced too.)

And in case you hadn’t yet seen, the speaker list looks really good:

Sean Anderson – A Face Plus a Space: Social media, Connect or Disconnect?
Steve Crozier – What is an Intactivist?
Garrett Gladden – Learn ’em Good
Tom Headley – Your Couch Is a Door
Gail Lovelace – How to Swim with Dangerous Sharks and not get Eaten
Jeff Myers – A dirtbag’s guide to the endless winter
Samuel Palacio – Travel With a Purpose: Meet Your Sister… City
Nicole Strong – Appreciating Clearcuts – how tree hugging and tree lopping can go hand in hand
Peter Werner – What is Ignite?
April Witteveen – The F Word: why feminism is still relevant
Becky Zagurski – Aqueous Humor

So leave a comment and good luck!

Update: Comments are now closed to draw a winner!

21 thoughts on “Ignite Bend ticket giveaway

  1. I have never been to an Ignite Bend, but it sounds (and looks) like a ton of fun. I would be happy to take those tickets off your hands if you are willing to part with em.

  2. This couldn’t be offered at a better time. Over the past few weeks I’ve seriously been considering moving back to Seattle. As much as I love living here, the job market is making it difficult for me to get the most out of Bend. Could this “Ignite Bend” inspire me?? Hope to find out!!

  3. Roses are red, violets are blue, sadly we missed getting tickets, but sure hope to get two from you. We love Ignite Bend and want to be there to cheer on our friends! Please pick us and we will express our greatest gratitude to you!

  4. Pick me! Pick me! Events like this are one of the reasons I missed Bend when I was gone for two years and why I am so pleased to be back. Receiving these tickets would be a great “welcome back” gift. Thank you for making them available.

  5. We tried last year and it was sold out, I am just dying to go!! Would love love love a couple of spare tix, I would appreciate every second watching the performers! 🙂

  6. would love to attend
    I entered a proposal but, didn’t get selected…would love to see the presentation so I know what to prepare for.

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