IMAX in the Old Mill District – Opening Today

I saw it on Facebook so it must be true…

The IMAX movie theater at the Old Mill District opens today, showing Real Steel. According to Fandango tickets cost $15.50 for adults or $13 for children & seniors, with no matinee pricing. (Compared to $10 for adults or $7.50 for matinee, children & seniors for standard-format movies.)

Thoughts? Do you plan to see movies in the IMAX format?


2 thoughts on “IMAX in the Old Mill District – Opening Today

  1. Um yeah, NO. I’ve done the IMAX thing before and it isn’t worth $10, let alone $15.50!! What a rip off. We don’t even go to regular theater anymore because it’s so ridiculously expensive–especially since you can find most movies online and just stream them to your tv.

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