Magic at the Tower

Dan Sperry at the Tower TheatreThis Saturday night (the 15th) at the Tower Theatre, magician Dan Sperry will be performing live—a show dubbed “Magic No Longer Sucks.” (Or, alternatively from a flyer I have, “Abracadabra.”)

Dan Sperry has been described as David Copperfield meets Marilyn Manson and is the only illusionist to ever be awarded the title of most original magician on FOX’s “World Magic Awards.”

His show combines illusion and the bizarre with satirical macabre humor. It is non-stop mayhem set to an industrial musical score with razor blades, buzz saws, voo doo, blood and more. In the case of Dan Sperry, Magic No Longer Sucks.

The show is being presented by Deschutes Veterinary Clinic, and proceeds from ticket sales will be going to Always S.A.F.E. and the Human Society of Central Oregon. Tickets are $20 for reserved seating, and you can purchase them online here. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8.

I don’t know how kid-friendly this show would be; while Sperry appeared on America’s Got Talent (which my daughter loves), the description sounds like it might be intense for kids. But it sounds like a cool show and fits into the Halloween season; what else were you planning on doing this Saturday?